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At the top of the ramp, look to the right and on the ceiling to see a Longshot target. Agree to look through the window, and Ganondorf will see you out of the corner of his eye. Make sure it’s nighttime, then enter the hollowed out log, run across the Lost Woods Bridge and enter Kokiri Forest. Begin by going to the right, through the hollowed log. Pretty much the only way to make it appear is to ride right up to the edge of the cliff, at which point the Poe will appear and begin to fly away. The Forest Temple – West Stairwell New Dungeon Item: Small Key You’ll know if this is the West Stairwell, since the stairs will be on the left side and the Poe Sister will be colored red.

The Spirit Temple – Triforce Door Room Go right as you come out of the Boss Key Room, through the door on the west side of the area. Take out your Ocarina, and play a lengthy memory game with them. Three successive shots to the exact center of the drum will cause a Deku Scrub to appear, who will reward you with the Bullet Bag x50, the largest Slingshot ammunition bag in the game. New Equipment: Bullet Bag x50 In order to find Saria, we’ll have to follow the sound of her music through the Lost Woods. Once you have the Piece of Heart, turn around and climb back up the ladder.

Complete the entire game (three rounds, each becoming increasingly longer and harder) to earn another Piece of Heart. Take the Piece of Heart, then leave the way you came in. Take it, then crawl back through the tunnel, leave the Mill and return to Hyrule Field. Leave the pasture, then go to the mill in the rear of the field (behind the pasture). Hyrule Field Ignore the Stalchild enemies who appear here; we need to book it to Kokiri Forest. Head back to Kokiri Forest now, which is at the three o’clock position on your map.

Add a 40% coupon to that, and I paid less than $6 for three yards of fabric, which I’m sure will be more than enough. He will throw three “special” cuccos into the pack of regular cuccos, and if you can find all three of the special cuccos before the time runs out, then he’ll reward you with a Bottle, filled with Lon Lon Milk. Hyrule Field Hang around Hyrule Field until it becomes nighttime, then reenter Lon Lon Ranch.