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While Z-Targeted, however, it causes Link to perform different jumping actions. While Z-Targeted, however, this attack becomes a downward plunge. While in free- form mode, tapping the B Button will cause Link to perform a sideways, sweeping attack. While in free-form camera mode, the A Button makes Link interact with objects in his environment. For example, a player could certainly track down the Rubber Set, or they could defeat Vah Naboris and take the Thunder Helm for the same effect while using up only one armor slot. Rubber Tights: Unlocked after completing the Hope of Faron. In the original Legend of Zelda, the Magic Flute was used to warp around the Hyrule Overworld, and was even instrumental in defeating certain bosses.

Even the way Young Link and Adult Link use the Hylian Shield is markedly different. Though both can equip the shield, it is too big for Young Link to actually use, and he instead has to resort to hiding under it like a shell. While Z-Targeted, however, holding the R button will tell Link to raise his shield, but he still maintains his mobility. Mastering the nuances of blocking with the shield, dodging with different jumping maneuvers, and attacking in many different methods provides a unique, simple, yet engaging combat experience, one which few other action games in existence can challenge.

Like so many concepts that just plain worked since the original title, Zelda games are filled with lots of optional upgrades to find to enhance Link. All of Link’s classic items from previous games return – the Bow and Arrows and Bombs, a staple since the original title, return in all their glory. Epona’s Song is the only way to obtain Epona, Link’s legendary horse. The Song of Storm’s can summon storms to Link’s location. This started in Link’s Awakening with the Secret Seashells, and Ocarina of Time continues that tradition with one hundred Gold Skulltulas hidden throughout Hyrule.

In A Link to the Past, Link had upgradeable equipment, but never on the level that appears in Ocarina. Also in A Link to the Past, upgrading Link’s sword or shield to their next level was a permanent upgrade. The now- famous Hookshot from A Link to the Past, arguably the most brilliantly conceived item in the entire series, returns for Ocarina, reworked for it’s three dimensional environment. Even A Link to the Past’s oft-ignored Magic Hammer returns for Ocarina, though this time around it has become the Megaton Hammer, and is so massive even Adult Link has difficulty in wielding it. From there, jump to the platform containing the Silver Rupee before the pillar of flames returns. A jump while holding forward causes Link to perform the Jump Attack, the most powerful attack in his repertoire. Drop a bomb next to the Knight, and attack him with the sword just before the bomb explodes.