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Alternatively, you can also stun it with the Hookshot, but the Blue Bubble’s speed and the Hookshot’s slowness can make this strategy problematic. You can get it from a cave in the Desert Colossus just before entering the Spirit Temple, which is good timing since the Iron Knuckles inside the Spirit Temple are vicious competitors. The Forest Temple – The Torch Room Run down the stairs and go to the right at the bottom, where there is a small hallway with a blue block at the end. Run to the end of this passage, and go right at the end.

Run down this passage, and turn left at the flowery passage. Smash the first red rock on the left with the Megaton Hammer, and you’ll find a Gold Skulltula (if it isn’t there, then make sure it’s nighttime). Found: In the first room with the invisible spinning scythes Requires: Hookshot OR Longshot; Lens of Truth Optional Kill all of the enemies in the room while dodging the invisible scythes, and the grating in the room will retract.

Shoot for the Gold Skulltula even if you can’t get the targeting reticule to appear; the Hookshot travels slightly farther then it’s targeting system shows. To defeat the Moriblins, wait for them to face away from you and shoot them in the back with the Hookshot. So you want to shoot the portrait from as far away as possible. Climb the Ivy Wall, sticking as far to the right as possible to avoid the Skullwalltula.

Watch out for the Gold Skulltula on the left side of the grating; if you try to climb near it, you will take damage, even though it’s on the opposite side of the fence. Once they are dead, look to the right and climb up the ivy wall to the tops of the pair of trees in the courtyard. Found: Tree near entrance from Hyrule Field Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Nothing Roll into the tree to the left of the stone wall near the entrance to Zora’s River. New Song: The Minuet of Forest Run forward to the entrance to the maze-like area which you navigated as Young Link. This Fountain is extremely useful during the following dungeon if you’re still new to the game, and is also one of the most easily accessible Fairy Fountains in the game once you get the Minuet of Forest.