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Enter the Spirit Temple as Young Link. The Happy Mask Salesman Sidequest is the only Sidequest available to Young Link. 3: The Spooky Mask Sold To: Dampe’s Fanboy in the Kakariko Graveyard (daytime only) Borrow Price: 30 Rupees Sell Price: 30 Rupees This mask is sold to Dampe’s Fanboy, the little kid who walks around …

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Several other characters and enemies from the game appear, including Moblins, Octoroks, Gohma, Aquamentus, Keese, and Ropes. Other minor characters included a fairy named Sprite and the king (Zelda’s father). Link is a starting character, while extra characters like Zelda, Ganon, and a younger version of Link are available for unlocking as the player progresses …

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