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But, his assistants ran off to join the Gerudo Thieves, and were captured. Take the Heart Container that Bongo Bongo leaves behind, then enter the beam of light to meet the Sage of Shadow: Impa (who ran into the Shadow Temple ahead of you, and was captured long before you even entered the dungeon). In one of the twelve dirt patches dotted around the graveyard, there is hidden a Piece of Heart. Go back outside his cell and head to the left, and out the door there. Kakariko Graveyard After you warp back here from the Chamber of the Sages, then head for Hyrule Field and go to Gerudo Valley, in the west side of the Field.

From this alcove, run back towards the pillar in the center of the room and into the alcove beside it to get another Silver Rupee. Nail one of the bomb flowers with a Fire Arrow, and the pillar will fall down, making a bridge leading across the gap. Gerudo’s Fortress There is a door to the left as you come out of the door leading to Sabooro’s Cell. The Shadow Temple – Floor Master Room Make your way around the invisible walls to the south side of the room, and go through the door there. I plan to make the shield 24.5″ tall and 20″ wide. ‚óŹ To make Link more handsome and cooler than all previous forms of the hero, Link’s teenage appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you want to make a really fancy Link tunic, you can make the basic tunic two separate pieces – the shirt part for the top, and a gathered “skirt” for the base.

Then switch to basic sword strikes. Drop a bomb next to the Knight, and attack him with the sword just before the bomb explodes. Shoot it with an Arrow as well, and Bongo Bongo’s torso will fall to the floor, letting you attack it. Shoot both of the guards in the room with arrow to stun them, then equip the Hover Boots. Wait for her to face away from you, then nail her in the back with an arrow.

If Volvagia is not dead by this point, then he will begin changing back and forth between Phase 2 and Phase 3, always alternating back to Phase 1 so you can damage him. If you are ever seen by a guard in the Fortress, then you will be sent back here. You don’t get anything for scoring a perfect 2,000, aside from a hearty pat on the back. Get back on Epona. If you get hit by this attack, you will instantly lose the fight and return to the prison cell back in the Fortress.