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Sexy Link - Nathan Rupert - Flickr Found: Smallest Island in Southeast of Lake Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Nothing Swim out to the small island in the southeast of the Lake. It’s to the east of the large island. The Biggoron Sword is so large that a shield cannot be wielded while using it. If your Deku Shield is burned, then the chest in the corner contains another one. Switch to the Hylian Shield if you’re on the Deku. Once the Gibdos is dead, use the torch near it to light a Deku Stick. The Shadow Temple – The Other Gibdos Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key Change back to the Kokiri Boots, then kill the Gibdos in this room while dodging the Blade Traps on the floor, and a chest will appear.

A chest will appear upon their demise. Pull yourself over to it with the Longshot, and open the chest to get the Compass. Pull yourself up to it with the Hookshot, then look on the wall around the corner from the chest to see the Gold Skulltula. See it burn on the ground to work. Go right and then left at the next corner, and use the lens to see through the wall at the other end of the hall. Run down to the end of this hall, to the northeast corner of the area. Now, run to the north wall, and use the Longshot to pull yourself up to the Longshot target in the northwest corner.

Pull yourself across with the Longshot. Pull your Bow and fire arrows into the eyes of the statue in the middle of the room. Once he has the Silver Gauntlets, then he can push and pull the huge blue blocks that appear in the Spirit Temple and Gerudo Training Ground. The doors to the left and right of the Treasure Chamber go to the Gerudo Training Ground. The Shadow Temple – Guillotine Chamber Run down the ramp in front of you, moving slowly to watch out for Big Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling.

Watch out for the pit near the wall here (use the Lens of Truth to dodge it). Jump out to it as it falls. Wait for the guillotine to rise, then jump out to the next ledge just as the guillotine begins to raise. The only problem with the Biggoron’s Sword is that Jump Attacks tend to fly right past the Deadhand. Keep following around, just behind the spurting flames, and jump back onto the sinking platform. The Poe will appear in this gap, with a long stretch of empty field behind him. Ganondorf will throw balls of lightning at you, which you must reflect back at him with sword strikes (or you can use Empty Bottles if you’re feeling creative).