breath of the wild cosplay zelda

This room contains a very large skull. Dodongo’s Cavern – Blade Trap Room Jump off the cliff to the right as you enter the room to drop down to the bottom level. Dodge the blade trap and climb the ladder near the southwest corner of the room. Hyrule Field Head southwest to Lon Lon Ranch. Head for the gates to Hyrule Castle, which will remain firmly shut in either daytime or nighttime. Kill the Keese before you try to cross the bridge, otherwise they will try to knock you off. Run forward, dodging the Blade Trap, and kill the Fire Keese who try to attack you.

Begin strafing around back to his front side, and his tail will lower, letting you strafe back around to attack his tail again. Zelda and Impa will race out of the gates, and Zelda will do a really fantastic John Elway impression by throwing you the Ocarina of Time, which will land in the moat. The Ocarina of Time is obtained from the moat outside Hyrule Castle, but only appears there once you have obtained all three of the Spiritual Stones. After the cutscene is over, dive into the water of the moat to get the Ocarina of Time, at which point Zelda will contact you telepathically and teach you the Song of Time. Koei Tecmo previously revealed that Hyrule Warriors will include additional DLC costumes depending on which version of the game you buy in Japan.

Another bad thing: this 500 rupees is going to be contributed to buying the remaining Magic Beans that you still need to buy. Return to Zora’s River, in the eastern part of Hyrule Field at the 2:00 position on the clock ————- Zora’s River Return to the Bean Man and buy out the rest of his beans. Enter the beam of light to return to the Lost Woods. Swim to it’s bottom, and enter the tunnel at the bottom to warp to Lost Woods. Lost Woods Get out of the pool, and go right through the log tunnel, then take a left through another log on the other side. Defeat the Business Scrub on the right as you leave the tunnel, then make him leave by refusing his wares. Go and speak to their Chief (the Scrub with the “mustache”) on the right side of the room, and he will increase the number of Deku Nuts you can carry.

rupee_12 Temple of Time New Song: The Prelude of Light Run back into the Master Sword chamber, and Sheik will teach you the Prelude of Light. Found: Smallest Island in Southeast of Lake Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Nothing Swim out to the small island in the southeast of the Lake. Head for the northwest corner of the room, where there is a small room with a switch inside it. Use the Lens of Truth to find and kill them all, then open the chest that appears in the middle of the room to get a Small Key. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the window, and take it’s token with the Boomerang.