breath of the wild costume zelda

Kakariko Graveyard (nighttime) Go to the rear row of gravestones, and go to the far right. Head for the front row of gravestones, and stand behind the grave with the flowers behind it. The Redead in this grave guards a Piece of Heart. Kakariko Graveyard – Shield Grave (nighttime) New Equipment: Hylian Shield Run forward and open the chest to find the Hylian Shield. The game’s second dungeon, Dodongo’s Cavern, doesn’t make a huge leap forward in terms of concept, though there are many more puzzles to be solved and the dungeon takes much longer.

Pass under the arch then follow the stone path to the left side of the graveyard, where there is a patch of soft earth. Wait for the carpenter to reach the left side of the beam, then start going right again before you jump out onto the beam yourself. Stand on the large Triforce symbol burned into the grass in front of the tombstone, take out your Ocarina and play Zelda’s Lullaby. Once the Redead is permanently defeated (it will make an extra loud SWIPE noise when it is), play the Sun’s Song to make a chest appear that contains a Piece of Heart. This is known as the “Sun’s Song Rupee Trick,” and I will reference it a few times throughout the guide.

The gate will retract, letting you walk along the edge of the gate to claim four invisible red rupees. Run along the beam, and when you reach the corner where the beam bends to the right, leap off the edge and steer yourself right for the balcony. Enter the beam of light. Enter the beam of light to warp back to the Graveyard. Heidi O’Ferrall captures Zelda’s fierceness in battle with an amazing cosplay made by her and the Bow of Light prop created by Volpin Props. Speak with Dampe in this room, and he will give you the Hookshot. Return them to the Pasture as well, then speak to Cucco Lady, who will give you a Bottle for your trouble. Pick up the rock as well, and capture one of the bugs that appear in a Bottle. Quickly recapture one of the bugs in the bottle, while the other two will wander around briefly, then burrow into the soft earth.

Stand near the patch of soft earth, and release the bug you captured (which has magically become three separate bugs). Look to the left after the cutscene, and you’ll see a number of pillars rising out of the lava. Jump out to the platform, and look to the left to see another golden eye in an alcove. When you land, look on the steel bars in the corner of the room to see a Gold Skulltula. For information on completing the Biggoron Sword Trading Sidequest, see the Walkthroughs and Sidequests chapter. Enter the room. Destroy the flying floor panels and the Like-Like, and then get the Gold Skulltula from the rear wall. Speak with the Goron and open the chest in his cell to get another Small Key. Enter Darunia’s Chamber. In the back of Darunia’s Chamber, there is a large stone block with a crude carving of a Goron on it.