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In Kakariko Village, there is an old building which is filled with people who are half-Hylian, half-Spider. Zelda had a symbolic dream about Link, so when she meets him in Hyrule Castle, she knows who he is. Players also get to take control of a ghostly version of Zelda at several points during the game, allowing possession of the Phantoms that roam certain dungeons. And so I honor the game, the series, and the legend with this guide, what my own manic ambitions desire to be the greatest Ocarina of Time guide ever written.

If you’ve been doing it as you progress through the game, then do Parts VII through X now. The game maintained the same basic gameplay and graphical style of its predecessor, though players now navigate the overworld by steam train instead of the previous game’s steam boat. From here, players can select “Attire” and pick the garbs they wish to wear for their next mission. From here, you can go left to keep climbing the mountain, or go right to Goron City.

Jump out to the stone platform, and look to the left on the other side to see another ledge. Look to the left of the sealed door, and there is another fan. Most notably officially canonized the long fan theorized timeline connecting all the core Zelda games. Tingle, a minor character in the Zelda series, is unusually popular in Japan, causing him to star in a few of his own games. These games are all considered to be the worst of the franchise, are not even considered canon, and many fans disregard the fact that they are in the series.

Some levels are nothing but a boss battle, while others have Link facing off against waves of enemies, and yet others have Link shooting targets. Oracle of Ages is the more puzzle-oriented of the two, while Oracle of Seasons is more action-based (although Oracle of Ages is generally considered the better of the two). Return to the steel bars, and look in the back of the room to see another Crystal Switch between two torches.