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Din’s Fire can be obtained from the dead end in Hyrule Castle Garden immediately after obtaining the Bombs from Dodongo’s Cavern. With them, Young Link can light the Sticks on a lit torch, and transfer that flame to adjacent torches around the room. Found: In small room reached by the Block of Time in the large fire cavern Requires: Song of Time Head for the fire cavern, the first room to the right from the entrance hall of the Fire Cavern. Shadow Medallion First Found: The Shadow Temple A gift from Impa, the Sage of Shadow, the Shadow Medallion is the symbol of Impa’s power.

B-O-S-S————- Phantom Shadow Beast BONGO BONGO Pure evil has a name. The two, along with various allies, come to work together to figure out the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks, the land’s mode of transportation that also works to bind the spirit of the evil Maladus in the ground. This Poe isn’t that hard to shoot, but can be tricky to force him to come out of hiding. Once planted, these beans begin to grow, and when you return to these areas with Adult Link, you will find a flying Magic Leaf that can be used to access out-of-reach areas. The Magic Beans cost 10 Rupees initially, but raise in price by 10 rupees for each successive purchased Bean, until the final Bean reaches 100 rupees. Then this here is the final form! The order is: 1.) In the middle 2.) From the left, then from the right 3.) Jumps from the middle 4.) From the left AND right 5.) Two rupees coming from the right, going left 6.) Two rupees coming from the left, going right Keep playing the minigame until you successfully shoot all of the targets, and the clerk will award you with the Bullet Bag x40, which increases the ammo capacity of your Slingshot by 10. If you run out of rupees trying to complete the game, then return to the Hyrule Castle Gatehouse and smash the pots to replenish your supplies.

02. Simply ride south along the wall’s eastern edge, and the Big Poe will appear at the point where the wall breaks to the left. Turn around, and ride southeast, pointing yourself more or less at the tree which can just barely be seen in the distance, near the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. 10 Location: The lone tree near the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. The first bottle in the game is obtained with Young Link, and is won from Talon in Lon Lon Ranch after you have awoken him in the Hyrule Castle Garden.

03 Location: The stone wall east of Lon Lon Ranch. 05 Location: The center of the grove of golden-leafed trees in Southeast Hyrule Field. 06 Location: South of the tree at the bottom tip of the Y-Shaped Road. Head for the bottom tip of the Y-Shaped Road, and you will find a tall tree standing by itself. Once you have earned the Silver Scale, head for Lake Hylia and dive down to retrieve the Bottle from the Lake’s bottom. Head for the grove of trees in southeast Hyrule Field with the golden leaves.