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Epona’s Song is the only way to obtain Epona, Link’s legendary horse. Once you have Epona, you can complete the Biggoron Sword Sidequest at ANY time. Big Poe Hunting Sidequest Main Adventure This is the complete guide to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time marks a milestone in gaming. Doubtless, the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess will once again place that bar of competence to an even higher mark (Post-Twilight Princess update: it didn’t. It’s not unusual for new game developers to cite The Legend of Zelda as the reason they got involved in video game programming, and in another ten years we will probably hear similar stories told about Ocarina of Time. That’s what this chapter is for; it contains the different progressions you can choose to make it through the game.

Jumping to the left or right will strafe in a circle around the enemy, while a backwards jump will make Link do a backflip. Also, to the left there is a doorway. There are six members in the family total, and finding, destroying, and taking the magic token from enough Gold Skulltulas will free one of the family members from his curse. If it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, then there will be no time stamp on the heading. Throw it aside, where it will shatter against the shield guarding Ganon’s Tower. Follow Zelda down the tower. The main goal in the dungeon is tracking down and killing the Poe Sisters, and reclaiming their flames to reactivate the elevator. Find Codes: These are special find codes used in conjunction with the Heart Piece chapter, and do not affect the main walkthrough. Introduction The chapters in this guide’s walkthrough follows the “preferred progression” for the game, and is written in such a way that it assumes that you have items that are covered in previous chapters, and do not have items that appear in future chapters.

If you’re looking for a 100% completion rating, then this is the Walkthrough you’re looking for. Take it’s token, then continue down Death Mountain to the area near Goron’s City. A Note on the Passage of Time: If you need to be in an area at a certain time of day, then it will be specified in that area’s heading in the guide. To recognize when one area ends and another begins, look for the line of hyphens (-). One of the first songs you learn, Zelda’s Lullaby, is used by Young Link to show his allegiance to the Hyrule Royal Family to the Gorons and Zoras, and is later used by Adult Link in the dungeons and other hidden locations of Hyrule. Finding all one hundred Gold Skulltulas is perhaps the most ominously difficult task in the game, as some of them require absurd amounts of backtracking (sometimes even returning to previously completed dungeons) to track them down.

At the top of the ladder, head for the southwest corner of the map and go down the tunnel. The Fire Temple – Lava Cavern Head to the door on the north side of the room and go through it. Head for the grove of trees in southeast Hyrule Field with the golden leaves. Open it for a Blue Rupee, then bomb the pile of rubble in the southeast corner of the room. Go to the alcove in the west wall and grab another Silver Rupee, then go to the alcove in the northeast corner and grab another Silver Rupee. Climb up the Ivy Wall to it’s top to find yourself back in the West Courtyard.