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Go through it. ————————————- The Water Temple – The Central Tower New Dungeon Item: Small Key When you enter the room, run to the opposite wall, turn around, look up and to the right where there is a ledge. Even though you’re invulnerable, you can still be knocked around, so make some effort to avoid …

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He’s contributed multiple brief back-of-the-book stories for the Adventure Time comic series, and recently illustrated an alternate cover for a Bravest Warriors comic book. He’s been working on tabletop RPG concepts initially as a hobby, but he’d like to release one for free or through a pay-what-you-want promotion, and he’d also like to explore longer-form …

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So Z-Target one of them as quick as you can. You can now Z-Target him. You can move on with the game now if you like, if another Gold Skulltula and several upgrades don’t interest you. This is actually a warning about Wallmasters, enemies who appear periodically throughout the game. The Forest Temple – Lower …

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