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This was the third dungeon in the game, but it will be the second seal that we finish. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Water Seal Room Two Time Limit: 2:00 In this room, you have two minutes to finish a block-pushing puzzle similar to the one you solved previously in the Ice Cavern. There are two ice blocks in the room; run to the left side of the rear block, and push it to the right so that it collides with a rock in the ground.

What is also revealed is the location of the other two Triforce pieces – Ganondorf only had one all along, which was why he was only able to really screw up Hyrule instead of recreating it in his own image. Have you found all 36 Pieces of Heart? The helmet for the Rubber Set is ridiculous and the remaining pieces are like a rejected Superhero costume, clinging to Link’s skin like a morph suit. Even in the hands of the diminutive Young Link, the Kokiri Sword feels more like a long knife then an actual sword. Time Period: Young Link ONLY Requires: Fairy Ocarina OR Ocarina of Time Stand on the tree trunk in front of the twin Skullkids and pull out your Ocarina. Adult’s Wallet First Found: House of Skulltula Used By: Young Link, Adult Link This is the second wallet you that you get.

Find all three of his “Special Cuccos” in the flock of Normal Cuccos, and he’ll award you with an Empty Bottle, the first of four. You can easily get in three or four more Jump Attacks at this point, which are more then enough to shut down Gohma permanently. Alternatively, you can also use the Song of Time to make three Blocks of Time appear, where you can then reach the chest with the Hover Boots.

When my son was 5 or so, he asked me to make him a Link costume that he could wear around the house and yard. If you want to stand out, the easiest thing is to make a different colored tunic (red, blue, black, purple, light purple). Each hallway represents one of the six Sages and their alignments – Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, and Light. Fill another bottle with Blue Fire, then go through the unsealed door. Capture some of the Blue Fire in the center of the room in an empty bottle, and then use it to melt the sheet of ice blocking the door. Once you stun both hands, use the Lens of Truth to look at the space between the hands, and you’ll see Bongo Bongo’s eye.