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The Temple of Time New Item: Light Arrows As soon as you enter the Temple of Time, a cutscene will take place. After Twinrova is defeated, a rather amusing cutscene of Koume’s and Kotake’s deaths will take place. Most of the Armos Knights in this room are conveniently placed to block the Blade Traps, so avoid touching or moving them to keep this happy equilibrium in place. Back in the first area of this odd room, notice that the beam of sunlight from the two mirrors in the other half of the room are shining on the large mirror on the ceiling.

The Keep is a large central hub, with six hallways branching off from it. The Spirit Temple – Upper Sun Chamber Run forward as you enter the room, and two pots will fling themselves at you. The Spirit Temple – North Hall Run down the hall. Go through it. ———————————– The Spirit Temple – Small Key Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Run into the room and open the chest to get a Small Key. The Spirit Temple – Triforce Door Room Go right as you come out of the Boss Key Room, through the door on the west side of the area.

The Spirit Temple – Quad Armos Room Go through the door on the west side of the room, to your right as you come out of the Small Key Room. The Spirit Temple – Triforce Door Room Go up the stairs, and stand on the Triforce symbol at the top. The door in the north of the room will unseal itself. Longshot. Your choice. At the top of the ladder of panels, destroy both of the Beamos enemies and go through the north door.

It’s covered with sliding panels, each of which contains a platform that can be climbed on. If you did it fast enough so that you lit all the braziers without any of them burning out, then a chest will appear behind the Waterfall which contains a Piece of Heart. Kill it, then face go through the doorway on the left (the sun panel above the door only reveals a chest which contains nothing fantastic).