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Pull yourself up to the next level using the Longshot target on the ceiling. You’ll need to come back here fairly soon, so to save time you may want to save your place here using Farore’s Wind. I mean, come on, not only is she a snotty little drama queen, she’s also a fish). Look above the door you come through to find a Gold Skulltula. So if you miss the Gold Skulltula and pass the fourth whirlpool, then let yourself get sucked down and start over. If you get sucked down past the fourth whirlpool, then you can’t backtrack. For this reason, only hold down the R Button to absorb attacks you actually want. Jump down off it. You don’t need to jump on the third one. Ride the Water Pillar to the third floor, and go through the door at the top. Drop back down to the bottom floor, back to the room where you met Ruto.

Link - Legend of Zelda - Link - Legend of Zelda - Flickr The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway Play Zelda’s Lullaby at the plaque to raise the water level back to it’s maximum height. Equip the Iron Boots and drop to the bottom level of the room, and go through the east hall back to the room where you met Ruto. Use the Longshot to pull yourself across the room, past the line of spikes. The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway Head to the top level of the room, and go to the north side of the tower. Found: Behind the locked door in the left side of the center area. Stand behind the mirror, and grab the left handle. Kill the Keese on the left and right side of the room as you come in, then run to the edge of the cliff. Go through the door on the other side when you make it across.

Use the Longshot to kill it and take it’s token, then go out the door to the second level of the Vertical Hallway. The water level will now rise. Chances are you know it by heart by now. You’ll know you’ve hit the eyes properly if the statue makes a groaning noise and the eye turns red. Shoot the eye in the water with an arrow (that pesky Wizard arrives again to help Link defy the laws of physics) to make the grating open. To damage Phantom Ganon in this phase, you must shoot him with an arrow as he emerges from the painting. Now you must return to the Vertical Hallway. B-O-S-S———– Giant Aquatic Amoeba MORPHA New Upgrade: Heart Container x1 New Quest Item: Water Medallion I often hear this boss described as “hard.” I can only assume one of two things: people assume that since the dungeon is fairly difficult and confusing, then the boss must also be so.

The Spirit Temple has two creative Items, a bunch of mini-bosses, and an excellent boss battle at the very end. Super Spin Attack First Found: Death Mountain Trail This upgrade increases the range of Link’s Spin Attack by a wide margin, and gives it two charge levels. Use the Spin Attack to activate the switch, making a chest appear. Take it’s token, then use the Iron Boots to drop down the water pit beneath the Skulltula. Goal: Reach crate on cliff above canyon Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Nothing OR Longshot As Young Link, grab a Cucco and glide down to the ledge on the far wall of the cliff. Climb up onto the ledge on the south side of the room. Look on the high ledge to see a chest.