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Both the Deku Tree and the Zora Demi-god Jabu-Jabu have been cursed by evil creatures, and only by traveling into their interiors will Link be able to defeat the evil monsters and free the Deku Tree and Jabu-Jabu from the enchantment. In addition to their mystic fountain and the aquatic caverns that make their home, the Zora call Zora’s River in the east and Lake Hylia in the south their home.

Home to Talon, his daughter Malon and their assistant, Ingo, Lon Lon Ranch provides the horses that the Hylians use to cross the field. Young Link must use this song to access to the Spirit Temple, since the Gerudo Thieves won’t let him cross the bridge into the Fortress. Found: Pit in middle of circle of stones east of Gerudo Valley Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Bombs; Din’s Fire; Boomerang OR Hookshot OR Longshot Look for a circle of stones east of Gerudo Valley. Found: In small room to the east of the giant spinning scythe room Requires: Hookshot; Blue Flame Use a bottle of Blue Fire to melt the red-colored wall on the east side of the spinning scythe room. Put your back to a wall. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Run straight across the hallway back to the Pit Room.

Run down the stone path, and take the first left down the path. Go down this elevator. Go back down the trench in the opposite direction, back around the corner and to the end of the hall. Go to Kakariko Village in the northeast corner of the zone. In the northeast corner of Hyrule is the village of Kakariko. Once you’ve retrieved the Ocarina of Time from the Hyrule Castle Moat and learned the Song of Time, then head for the Temple of Time and scroll down to the part of the guide with the heading “Temple of Time.” If it isn’t nighttime, play the Sun’s Song to make it so.

The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway Drop down to the bottom floor, to the room where you met Ruto. Underneath the surface of Lake Hylia is the Water Temple. Deep beneath Lake Hylia lies the Water Temple. Deep within Death Mountain, there is a cavern where the Gorons harvest the “Special Crop” that sustains them. Deep within the rugged Gerudo Desert is the Spirit Temple. Hidden in the midst of the Haunted Wasteland is the Desert Colossus, an ancient oasis and home of the Gerudos.