easy legend of zelda costume

Beautiful evening sunset Light Arrow First Found: The Temple of Time Used By: Adult Link A gift from Princess Zelda when you finally find her near the end of the game, the Light Arrows are the only weapons in all of Hyrule that can make Ganondorf vulnerable to the power of the Master Sword. Step on the switch again, and this time use the platforms to reach the small alcove in the northern part of the room. Step on the switch next to the lantern. Step on the switch to activate the lantern. After the Bigocto is dead, step onto the middle platform and the elevator will rise. Step on it, and the Goron’s double-sided cell doors will open.

When you reach the second one, kill it by Z-Targeting it, and waiting for it to spin around. Jump out from the ledge to reach it, then climb back up onto the ledge. On the other side of the pool, jump from the floating platform to the opposite ledge. Quickly swim back to the room’s entrance, and jump out to the floating platform. Kill them with single Jump Attacks, but avoid their charge attack. Use a Jump Attack when it does this.

Go right from the entrance to Kokiri Forest, and then left on the other side (if you want, you can jump down into the valley where the twin Skull Kids who played the Ocarina game with Young Link, who will now attempt to kill you). Since we just moved into our new house, my fiance is letting me recreate the Kokiri Shop (3DS model) as my Zelda “shrine” room/costume shop! Give the Kokiri Girl the Odd Potion, and she’ll give you the Poacher’s Saw. Climb back up onto the southeast ledge once more, and open the chest behind the lantern to find a Recovery Heart. Open the chest for a Recovery Heart. Use the flame to light the two un-lit sconces, which will open the door in the north side of the room. Face the long ivy wall that you fell down to reach this area, on the south side of the room.

Once they are out of the way, climb the wall to the top, and then to the left to reach the highest level of the Deku Tree. Use the ceiling as a bridge to reach the ledge on the south side of the room. Once all of the Ice Keese in the room are dead, climb up onto the ledge near the front of the room. Quickly jump along them to the ledge in the back of the room. To circumvent this obstacle, jump into the pool. You’re now going to have to jump off the edge and land on the bit of webbing, clear down on the first floor of the Trunk. Land in the water behind the waterfall, where there is no current, and climb up the ladder behind the waterfall.