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You’ll have to find her if you want that Spiritual Stone. Hyrule Castle – Drawbridge If you want, you can enter the former Gatehouse to find a new Poe Shop, where the shopkeeper will buy your captured Poes and Big Poes. Once you have captured a fifteen-pound fish (minimum), return to the Clerk and show him your fish. Return to the Crawling Hallway. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Go down the hall, take a left, go straight, then left again. Go left (straight if you’re coming from the Pool), and left again on the other side. Kill all of the Biri around the room, then go around to the southeast side of the room. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Pink Thing Room This room has two “Pink Things” in it. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Elevator Room Run forward, and jump across to the platform on the opposite wall.

Near the back of the room is a strange, pulsating creature. Ignore the wire mesh ladder behind the stone block; it leads back to an earlier area of the dungeon. The Longshot is the dungeon item from the Water Temple. Go through it. ———————————– The Spirit Temple – Small Key Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Run into the room and open the chest to get a Small Key. B-O-S-S———— Bio-Electric Anemone BARINADE New Upgrade: Heart Container x1 New Quest Item: Zora Sapphire Barinade is by no means a difficult boss, but he is the first boss in the game who has a real chance at killing you. Zora Tunic First Found: Zora’s Domain Used By: Adult Link The Zora Tunic is made from Zora Skin, and allows the wearer to breath underwater in the same manner that the Zora do. While worn, it forces Link to the sink to the bottom of pools of water.

Sink to the bottom of the watery pit. Enter the pit and sink down with the continued help of the Iron Boots. If you weren’t paying attention the last time you were here, the pit is the one closest to the west wall, to the right as you come in from the Crawling Hallway. Once you’re at the peak, arouse Biggoron’s attention by standing on the right side of the cliff, and then show him the Broken Goron’s Sword. In a zone where the passage of time is fixed, then you will be warped back to where you first entered the zone when time changes.