female legend of zelda cosplay

Jump down from the ledge as you come out of the door, and climb up the stairs on the opposite side of the grotto. Climb the wire mesh to the next level, and look to the wire mesh in the corner to spy a Gold Skulltula. Climb to the top of the stairs. For some cosplayers are still looking for Link costume patterns, please go back the top of this article or Link kid costume guide . The pillar of flames surrounding the chest at the top of the room will now disappear, and you have a limited to time to open the chest before the flames return. The false door to the left of the pillar of flames hides a golden eye. The explosion will remove the pillar of flames that surround the mesh ladder leading to the next level.

Drop a bomb onto this gash, and the explosion will reveal a massive pit. Drop down to the bottom of this pit. Two of them are near the bottom of the grating, two are near the top, and one is in the corner on the opposite wall. What is also revealed is the location of the other two Triforce pieces – Ganondorf only had one all along, which was why he was only able to really screw up Hyrule instead of recreating it in his own image. The Fire Temple – The Tippy-Top Room New Item: Megaton Hammer This is the highest point of the Fire Temple, and contains a timed puzzle similar to the one you completed earlier for the 200 rupees (if you missed the Scarecrow Song, then you missed that room). The Fire Temple – Narrow Span Room Head through the south door (to the right of the sealed door, closest to the silver eye target) to return to the Lava Curtain Room.

The Fire Temple – Narrow Span Room Enter the locked door on your right as you come out from the Lava Curtain room. Go through it. ——————————– Thieves’ Hideout – Shiro’s Cell New Dungeon Item: Small Key New Quest Item: Gerudo’s Membership Card Run down the hall and around the corner, where you will find the last Carpenter, Shiro, locked in his cell. Keep going down the hall until you enter a wider room. The Fire Temple – Three-Tiered Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key Run down the hall and around the corner to find another switch.

The Fire Temple – Lava Curtain Room New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map Look to the right as you enter to find a chest which contains the Dungeon Map. Find the Hookshot. Go to Kakariko Village. The Hookshot travels just a tiny bit farther then the red dot does. Link to the Past Zelda wears a red beaded necklace, spiked golden diadem and Triforce earrings. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Dark Link costume in Zelda Breath of The Wild.