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Use this torch to light a Deku Stick, and in turn light all of the unlit torches throughout the room. Jump up onto the top of the stone block, then to the platform on the north side of the room. Go left. At the top is the King Zora, who has to be one of the fattest fish-persons you’ll ever see. If your Deku Shield is burned, then the chest in the corner contains another one. The Fire Temple – Narrow Span Room This room contains three narrow bridges which all meet at one central point.

The outer halls contain rolling boulders which will try to knock you into cliffs near the bottom half of the room. Leap off with the Cucco over your head, and you will glide out to the Piece of Heart (which should complete your eighth Heart Container). I know you’re probably itching to use the Serenade of Water to go straight to Lake Hylia, but if you’re willing to take the long way then we’ll get a Piece of Heart on the way. We tried to get a quantity of ping pong balls from a sporting goods store, but these all had company logos on one side. There’s still one more Gold Skulltula Token to get before we enter Zora’s Domain. Plant one of the Magic Beans in the patch of soft earth next to the Bean Man.

After you have played all four songs, return to the Bean Man and keep buying Magic Beans from him until you go broke again. New Equipment: Silver Scale Hug the wall on the right, and keep following the path until it splits to the left and right. Keep going upriver, and ignore the Octorok who appears. You’ll see a Piece of Heart sitting on a pillar on the way; this is what we’re going for with the Cucco.

Look to the left, and you will see another Piece of Heart. Roll into it, and it will shatter, revealing the game’s only underwater Gold Skulltula. A Gold Skulltula climbs on it. Look to the left to see a Gold Skulltula. Don’t bother dropping a bug in this one; this is the only earthy patch in the game which doesn’t have a Gold Skulltula. Temporarily. You have to reach the north side of the room before the curtain returns. Go through it. —————————————— The Spirit Temple – Nabooru’s Throne Room Here you’ll meet Koume and Kotake once more.