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Kill them with single Jump Attacks, but avoid their charge attack. And lucky you, the Hookshot can also defeat Stingers in a single shot. The pit below actually leads to the Narrow Spawn Room, so unless 200 rupees sounds like fun to you, you can drop off the cliff to the room below. The Kokiri who originally blocked your path here is now gone, so you can exit through the hollowed log.

The Fire Temple – Entrance Hall Watch out for the Fire Keese; they’re back, whether you killed them last time you were here or not. If you’re wondering, the stone arch here goes to Goron City, one of our next destinations. He gives Link the Kokiri Emerald, and makes one final wish: to seek out the other Spiritual Stones and prevent the “Evil Man from the Desert” (Ganondorf) from entering the Sacred Realm. As his last piece of advice, the Deku Tree tells Link to go to Hyrule Castle and seek out the Princess of Destiny. Hyrule Field Take a few steps forward, and simultaneously the best and most annoying character in the game will stop you: Kaepora Gaebora. The game will automatically zone you into the next area. You begin the game wearing this tunic, and it’s the only tunic in the game which cannot be lost. Z-Target the tentacles attached to the ceiling, and begin circling the boss.

Go through to the game’s first boss. Go north-east first to get a Piece of Heart. Kokiri Sword First Found: Kokiri Forest Used By: Young Link The weakest sword in the game, the Kokiri Sword has an extremely limited range. Found: Tree near entrance to Garden Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Nothing Roll into the large tree near the entrance to the Garden. Go through it. ———————————- Inside the Deku Tree – Small Nest Kill the Big Skulltula, then run to the center of the room. The small passages connecting the halls contain Wall Masters. The Gerudo Training Ground – Large Block Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Required Items: Bombs, Hookshot, Lens of Truth, Silver Gauntlets Hint: Without the necessary items, one will be confounded by impossible mysteries. He’ll also let slip the Dungeon Boss’ secret: she is only vulnerable while stunned.

B-O-S-S————- Parasitic Armored Arachnid GOHMA New Upgrade: Heart Container New Quest Item: Kokiri Emerald Run to the center of the room, then go into First-Person view (C Up) and look towards the ceiling to begin the boss fight. Strike the suit of armor to begin a miniboss fight. Follow the road to it’s end to reach Hyrule Castle. Once KG flies away, run forward between the trees where the beginnings of a road appear.