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Get behind this block and push it off the ledge, onto the huge column of lava that periodically bursts in the middle of the room. Drop a bomb off the cliff so that it lands near the Diamond Switch, and quickly climb onto the ledge behind you. Climb back up to the platform with the Diamond Switch on it. Jump across to the adjacent ledge, which has a large stone block and a strange diamond object. Defeat the Fire Slug by attacking it aggressively (put up your Shield if it expands into a large column-shape; it’s about to attack if it does). Use the Backflip to Jump Attack maneuver to defeat it quickly, and a second Wolfos will appear.

Whichever path you choose, once you are on his backside, Z-Target him and perform a Jump Attack on his tail. Head for as far northwest as you can go on Epona, so that way you are literally hugging the corner where the wall and the river meet. It falls this far down the list due to its uselessness otherwise. Once you have earned the Silver Scale, head for Lake Hylia and dive down to retrieve the Bottle from the Lake’s bottom. You have to pull yourself up to this target, and pass through the Silver Rupee on the way to get it. Watch out for Fire Keese on the way. Turn around and head back out into the maze, taking the first right you come to. If you choose to go right first, then skip to the last heading of this subchapter, and follow the guide backwards. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall and take it’s token, then return to the previous room.

Again keeping your right side to the wall, follow the perimeter of the room. Go to the left and pass between the pair of posts just to the left of the fire wall, and you can reach the switch. Run back through the gap that you just came through, then look to the right where you will see a long aisle of posts on the left and right. Step onto the switch, and the pillar of flames guarding the chest in the center of the room will deactivate. Once you have it, return to the previous room.

Take it’s token. Once you have these two items, return to Lake Hylia and head for what’s left of the lake beneath the large island in the southern area. Her hair is blonde, with the two front sections and the low ponytail part wrapped in blue ribbons. While in this part of the room, you are in danger of falling down the numerous pits which are hidden by fake floors, which are similar to the fake wall that you just passed through.