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Most importantly, however, it lets you claim Skulltula Tokens from a range, finally giving you access to those troublesome Gold Skulltulas you may have seen lurking in high places. Run past the Redead (whose sole purpose seems to be to waste whatever precious seconds you may have remaining), or kill it with the Biggoron Sword. If you must, then Z-target them and use basic Sword techniques. Capture the fairy in an empty bottle if you have one, then jump down back into the pit. As you pass through the Pit Room, take note of the pit covered by the gigantic green tentacle. If you’ll remember, the last time you were in here I told you to note where a large tentacle was covering a pit. If you weren’t paying attention the last time you were here, the pit is the one closest to the west wall, to the right as you come in from the Crawling Hallway.

nature characters humanoids melvin india woman girl girls uniform uniforms boy boys harsh butch gazing over bridge street Eliminate the Biri first, then turn your attention to the Tentacle. However, if you step off the switch then it will rise again. Run to the right, and step onto the yellow switch while carrying Ruto. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Ruto will be waiting for you on the other side of the door. The door at the end of the hall will unlock. You will see a blue switch in front of a door.

Use Deku Nuts to make the Stingers (the submerged enemies whose fins you can see) jump up, and kill them with the Slingshot. 2 First Found: Forest Stage The second Deku Nut Upgrade is can be gotten in the Forest Stage, but requires the Mask of Truth. Use Deku Nuts or run in front of their paths to reveal them. Go through the unlocked door in front of the switch. Boomerang in hand, pick up Ruto and return through the door. Get on the elevator, and ride it to the top of the Pit Room while carrying Ruto. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Run straight across the hallway back to the Pit Room.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of all the tentacles in the dungeon, we are now free to drop down that pit. A free Goron Tunic is given to you after you meet Link the Goron in Goron City. Young Link must use this song to access to the Spirit Temple, since the Gerudo Thieves won’t let him cross the bridge into the Fortress. Open it to find the Boomerang, an important weapon for Young Link. Destroy the pots in the alcove to find a Fairy and some Seeds. Kill the (not invisible) Big Skulltula at the top, and then look on the wall left of the top of the ladder to find the final Overworld Gold Skulltula. Here, you will find a Hookshot target.