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He’s contributed multiple brief back-of-the-book stories for the Adventure Time comic series, and recently illustrated an alternate cover for a Bravest Warriors comic book. He’s been working on tabletop RPG concepts initially as a hobby, but he’d like to release one for free or through a pay-what-you-want promotion, and he’d also like to explore longer-form stories – though even that seems intimidating to an artist and writer used to comic strips and short tales.

News of free vouchers for Vita owners, free games for Assassin’s Creed: Unity season pass owners, reviews of Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Tales from the Borderlands, a spoken tale of a staff member’s first journey to obtain The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and more is all waiting for you after the break! Richard’s tale is presented in a radio interview format, complete with support from Community Manager Anthony John Agnello and Zelda-themed backing tracks.

The Zelda-themed items will also be available via download, but the details regarding those will be revealed at a later date. The Mario and Luigi costumes will be available for download at 7-Elevens in Japan, Siliconera’s translation of the presentation revealed. GameStop appeals to nostalgia-addled N64 kids with an exclusive Hyrule Warriors costume pack, allowing pre-order customers to dress Link and Zelda up in costumes originally featured 1998’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Contributing Editor Mike Suszek donned his wrestling costume and hopped into WWE 2K15’s ring, finding its graphical upgrades to be 2K15’s most impressive improvement. That issue magnifies with the latency of online matches, and a QTE-like chain wrestling mechanic doesn’t help things either. The Fire Temple – Pillar Room With the pillar from the Fire Trap room knocked down to this point, you can now jump across to the Boss Key door that you couldn’t reach the last time you were here (not that it mattered, since you didn’t have the key anyway).

Once you reach the northern edge of the topiary, run through the arch to reach the center of the Courtyard, and the Princess of Destiny: Zelda. Gerudo’s Fortress Run towards the corner of the roof that you come out on, and stop before you go all the way around the corner. Andrew Hayward is a freelance writer and editor based out of Chicago, Illinois. This week’s trailer for Destiny’s The Dark Below wasn’t made out of gameplay, but its glimpse of the DLC’s intro cinematic isn’t exactly tough to watch. AC: Unity isn’t the only prominent, broken-at-launch game in recent memory – Halo: The Master Chief Collection has seen several patches of its own, with this week’s focusing on improving stability, matchmaking and other issues.