hilda legend of zelda cosplay

If your ears perk up when you recognize the unmistakable tune of this amazingly successful game, then one of these Legend of Zelda Halloween costumes may be perfect for you! Older Zelda wears a sleeveless dress with a two pink stripes, one thick and the other thin, near the hemline. Two Jump Attacks will defeat the Bigocto. Run around the room in small circles until it appears (watch out for the Fire Keese), then defeat it when it lands. If you screw up, use Bombchus to defeat him. Use the Boomerang to kill it. Kill it and take it’s token with the Boomerang, then light both of the torches near the wall with Din’s Fire.

Princess Zelda Inspired Costume Zelda Inspired Costume - Etsy - Zelda costume, Princess zelda costume, Rave outfits Light them with Din’s Fire to make a chest appear. She gives Link Light Arrows and says that they both have part of the Triforce in them, and just then, Ganondorf shows up and captures Zelda in a big pink crystal. Great Fairy’s Fountain New Item: Nayru’s Love Run into the fountain and stand on the Triforce symbol. Go through it. —————————————– The Spirit Temple – The Colossus Chamber New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map In this room, you’ll find a smaller (but still gigantic) version of the statue on the outside of the temple. The Spirit Temple – Armos Knight Room You’ll come out of the door on the right side of the Armos Knight Room. The Spirit Temple – Armos Knight Room If you still haven’t switched back to the Hylian Shield, then do so now. Now go around to the side of the block closest to the right wall, and push it forward to the opposite wall.

Head for the pair of trees to your right as you enter from the Haunted Wasteland. Now head for the Colossus itself, the huge stone statue in the west corner of the area. Notice how your heart containers now have a white border. So you can now Z- Target. Speaking of the Oasis, you can go there and play the Song of Storms to make the Fairy Fountain appear again. Play Zelda’s Lullaby, and the Great Fairy of Sexual Dominance will appear to give you Nayru’s Love, the final magic spell in the game. The list is still under construction as the game is filled with unlockable sidequests and missions to complete. You’ll know you’re getting close when Leevers start coming out of the ground to harass you. After a while, one of them will begin charging up an attack (you’ll know they’re doing it as weird shapes will appear in front of them while they cast the spell).

Drop a Bottled Bug in the patch to make a Skulltula appear, and don’t bother recapturing one of the bugs – you won’t need them anymore. Pulling out your bow as you ride up to the cliff, before the Poe appears, helps a lot on this one. As you come out of the door, there is a statue near you. As you enter, run up the stairs, watching out for the pair of pots that come flying at you.