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Once you have the Small Key, return to the Reservoir and climb back up to the trench. Kill the Like Like by going kamikaze on it (at these close quarters you don’t have much choice), then kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall. Doing repeated Jump Attacks takes too long, and the close range may make several of them miss. Gohma usually immediately begins her charge attack, so immediately shoot her in the eye with the Slingshot, then begin using Jump Attacks (remember to swing your sword at least once before trying to do a jump attack).

Fierce Deity Link and Mask Salesman - babelglyph - Flickr The Biggoron Sword Trading Sidequest is the Adult Link equivalent of the Young Link Happy Mask Salesman Sidequest. Before completing this chapter, also consider completing: Happy Mask Trading Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-One) Obtaining Epona (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Two) Biggoron Sword Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Three) Big Poe Hunting (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Five) ——————- The Temple of Time It’s not quite time to return to adulthood yet. All of the lit torches will open the door to the Shadow Temple. Time Limit: 1:30 In this room, you will face a powered-up version of the Lizalfos, the Dinolfos.

Run south towards the green pool in the south edge of the room, and take a left to pass down the tunnel flanked by a pair of flaming torches. For instructions on how to accomplish this, see the appropriate Subchapter, “Return to Gerudo Valley.” The entrance to the Training Ground is on the southeastern edge of the Gerudo Fortress. Edge to the edge of the waterfall, and look on the wall on the left side to see the Gold Skulltula. No matter how you look at it, it’s easy, so don’t stress out about it. Jump out to it when it gets near enough, then jump to the ledge on the other side. Go along this ledge to the other side, where you will find a Gold Skulltula. You’ll see a narrow ledge on the right, going around the pit in the center of the room. Open the chest at the bottom of the pit to get a Recovery Heart, then climb up the ivy wall.

The Gold Skulltula is on the wall on the back of the building. Stand on the rope so that you can see the back of the platform, where there is a Gold Skulltula visible. On the other side of this small prison, there is another locked door. There is a long pit here, with a Longshot target on the other end. Blow the rocks out of your way with a Bomb, then run to the end of the hall. Run down the hall directly across from this opening, and drop down the cliff at the end of the hall. Run further down the hall, and use the Lens of Truth halfway down the hall to see an opening on the left.