how to make legend of zelda costumes

The Shadow Temple – Silver Rupee Room Climb up to the platform on the north end of the room by using the Longshot on the invisible target on the ceiling. Run along the wall, and jump off to the right at it’s end to land in the center of the small fenced-in corral. Put away your Deku Stick, and run to the left to a small alcove behind the waterfall, where there are two more braziers. Look east from the tree, and you’ll see a small island with two pillars on it. Head west to the tall building, and look for a patch of soft earth near it. Head north out of Lake Hylia to return to Hyrule Field. There’s a ton to do here in Lake Hylia, so let’s get through it quickly. There’s never really any reason for Young Link to ever go there aside from the optional upgrades you can get there, so now is a good time as any as while we’re in the neighborhood.

Epona’s Song (Young Link) First Found: Lon Lon Ranch Sequence: C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right Taught to you by Malon in Lon Lon Ranch, Epona’s Song has two primary functions: one, it lets you ride Epona as Adult Link, and two, gets you free milk from any cow in the game. Swim north, back to the shore, and head for the east coast, where there are two small gardens with two scarecrows in them. Look to the north, where you will see a small island. The shield (if they have one) is usually too small for the person carrying it. If you don’t have twenty rupees, then return to the Zora’s River area and ride downstream to pick up invisible rupees from the riverbed.

Once you have the Piece of Heart, return to the King’s Throne Room. The Scrub will offer to sell you a Piece of Heart for ten rupees. Play the Diving Minigame with him for 20 rupees (you need it’s reward, the Silver Scale, to progress). Getting the Silver Rupees in here looks easy enough, but don’t be fooled; if you use the Lens of Truth, you can see that most of the Silver Rupees are conveniently placed right on top of invisible batches of spikes. You’ll see Ganondorf’s adopted mothers, Koume and Kotake, capturing Nabooru in some kind of vortex. Once all six of the sages are assembled (Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa and Nabooru), then a cutscene will take place immediately after you get the final medallion.

Take it’s token, then plant one of your Magic Beans. You’re going to want to take this back to King Zora, but not immediately. She’s in charge, so she doesn’t need to be as prepared for battle, but she’s still going to dress for the occasion. Write this song down somewhere; you’re going to need it later. Now, you and your friends won’t need to fight over who should be cosplaying Link. Lake Hylia We’re going to take a quick detour over to Gerudo Valley while we’re here.