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grounds beach sand wind windy blow windblow Go through it. ————————————- The Forest Temple – Floormaster Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key This room contains a Floormaster, which is similar to the Wallmaster, except it cannot grab you and drag you back to the dungeon’s entrance. House of Skulltula New Quest Item: Stone of Agony Go to the left side of the room, where a recently-decursed man will give you the Stone of Agony. Goal: Reward from House of Skulltula Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Fifty Gold Skulltula Tokens Get fifty Skulltula Tokens, then get the Piece of Heart as a reward from the House of Skulltula. Found: In an alcove on the second level of the room with the collapsing stairs Requires: Boomerang To access this Gold Skulltula, you have to activate the elevator in the main Dodongo’s Chamber on a previous visit, then leave the dungeon and re-enter it.

Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber Cross the wooden bridge. Make sure that you position yourself so that you land on one of the bridges below, otherwise you’ll plummet all the way back down to the Flame Cavern near the start of the dungeon. So fire an arrow directly into the sun, and the Fire Arrows will fall from the sky onto the smaller island east of the larger one. Keeping your right side to the wall, run forward until you reach another fire wall, with a switch just on the other side.

Run to the right and slash the bushes to pieces, and take their contents. Stand on the large Triforce symbol burned into the grass in front of the tombstone, take out your Ocarina and play Zelda’s Lullaby. Grab another Cucco from the pasture, since we’re now going to be gliding out to the rickety balcony which sits above the Cucco pasture. Drop back down into the grotto, then climb the tall ladder near where you found your most recent Cucco. Wait for the carpenter to reach the left side of the beam, then start going right again before you jump out onto the beam yourself. Go to the left (watch out for a roving boulder), and take a right immediately after passing the first post on your right.

Jump out to the next one. Quickly recapture one of the bugs in the bottle, while the other two will wander around briefly, then burrow into the soft earth. Climb the stairs to the unfinished building, then go around to the front side of the stack of bricks. Climb the stairs. Go through the door. Once they are all dead, the door at the top of the stairset will unlock. Grab the last Cucco (sometimes it wanders over to the very top of the ladder you just climbed up), then jump off the cliff, heading towards the Cucco Lady’s pasture. Take the Piece of Heart, then leave the way you came in. Her crown is also noticeably spikier than previous incarnations, adding to the fierce aesthetic of a princess who is done being rescued by Link over and over and wants to take the fight to the enemy.