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Link from Legend of Zelda - Link from the Legend of Zelda vi… - Flickr Jump along the platforms all the way to the left side of the room. This song will warp you straight to the Temple of Time, much in the same way that the Minuet of Forest takes you straight to the Forest Temple. The Forest Temple – East Twisted Hallway Run down to the end of the now-twisted hallway, and drop down to the floor on the other end of the hall. Run into the middle of the large stage, and then turn around and try to leave the way you came in. This room contains a large number of rooms, most of which are blocked off by the wall.

Even the Stray Fairies are hard to find, scattered between both dungeon phases. Green Bubbles are identical to Blue Bubbles, only they do not aggressively attack and their flame shield randomly toggles on and off. Go down the hallway inside, where you will encounter two Green Bubbles. Kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token, then plant one of your two remaining Magic Beans in the patch. Kill it and take it’s token with the Boomerang. Kill the Big Skulltula. Take the Key, and kill the Gold Skulltula for it’s token, then return to the previous room. Kill it and take it’s token with the Boomerang, then go through the door at the top of the stairs. After he dies, take the Heart Container that appears and enter the beam of light. You’ll know which one it is, since it will have a narrow beam of light surrounding it (you can also Z-Target it).

Defeating Gohma is rather easy (and can, in fact, be done by only stunning her twice if you know how to do it properly). Luck. Once you manage to shoot down the Poe, quickly get off Epona and jump off the cliff to go after it. It probably won’t surprise you to hear, but this ceiling will fall down if you step too near it. The Forest Temple – East Twisted Hallway Step forward into the room, and Navi will once again inform you of the presence of Wallmasters. Once you have the song, head back out of the Temple and Hyrule Castle, and make your way to Kakariko Village.

Once you have Nayru’s Love, go back out to Desert Colossus. Once the hallway is properly screwed up again, go through the door and return to the West Stairwell, and back to the Upper Stalfos Room. If you missed the Boss Key in the West Twisted Hallway, then go through the door again to claim it. If you can’t manage it or just don’t want to deal with it, then go ahead and skip this.