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The gate will retract, letting you walk along the edge of the gate to claim four invisible red rupees. Nail the switch in the corner with the Hookshot, and a grating will open in the ceiling, releasing six Spikes and three Shell Blades. Pick the royal pain up, then go to the left from the blue switch. Wait for the fan to stop blowing, then switch to the Hover Boots. You can stop him by placing a bomb in his path so that it explodes just as he passes over it. Go east from the Longshot target, where you will find your path blocked by a stone block. After you win the first race, Ingo will have a meltdown and frantically bet Epona on a rematch. Death Mountain Trail Before you progress any further, now is the time to replace your Deku Shield with the Hylian Shield you should have picked up in Kakariko Graveyard.

It’s now time to play Dampe’s Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour to find another Piece of Heart. The Piece of Heart is at the top of the ladder. At the top there is a door emblazoned with the Spirit Medallion. The Fire Temple – Fire Trap Room Directly in front of you as you come out of the door is a large stone block which is held in place by a stone scaffolding. Enter the door that opens. This is known as the “Sun’s Song Rupee Trick,” and I will reference it a few times throughout the guide. Note the Piece of Heart high above the giant boulder – we’ll get to it in a few minutes.

In one of the twelve dirt patches dotted around the graveyard, there is hidden a Piece of Heart. We’ll sell this one in a little while; for now, let’s continue with our journey and start up Death Mountain. Otherwise, skip down to the Death Mountain Trail heading. Get off Epona and enter the Village, then go to Death Mountain Trail in the north of the Village. The last of the Skulltulas can be found in the northern edge of the village, on the north side of the building closest to the Death Mountain Gate. It sits directly beneath a window on the left side of the building. Jump out to these pillars, and along them to the platform in the left corner of the room. The Shadow Temple – Redead Room New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map Kill the Redead in the room, and then look high above to find two Keese.

After a time, the Flare Dancer will jump back into the pillar of flames in the middle of the room, and reignite his flaming body. After you have shot Phantom Ganon three times in his first phase, then he will enter his second phase. Once you have the Piece of Heart, return to Kakariko Village. The first two sun panels will make chests appear (the first contains a recovery heart, the second a frost trap). Open the chest, take the Piece of Heart, and return to Kakariko Graveyard.