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I worked on it intermittently in this two month period, along with my Killer7 guide, finally sitting down and really hacking away at it around September 3rd. This version of the guide is complete and contains the following chapters: Version Information; Table of Contents; Game Basics; Walkthroughs and Sidequests; Inventory, Songs, Upgrades and Quest Items; Pieces of Heart; Gold Skulltulas; Miniboss and Boss Appendix; Frequently Asked Questions; and Legal Jargon, Links, Contact Information and Special Thanks. Stealth Chest Guard: Complete Village Training Secrets quest.

It’s a small passage at the 2:00 position in Hyrule Field, a short ways upstream from Kakariko Village. Play Zelda’s Lullaby. Open the chest that appears to get a Small Key. You can also play a minigame with the Frogs to win ANOTHER Piece of Heart. Removed a bit of text which stated that Young Link’s boomerang can pierce Stalfos defenses, when it can’t. Found: At top of tiled wall in room with sun panel and two Lizalfos Time Period: Young Link ONLY Requires: Boomerang In the room with the pair of Lizalfos and the sun panel on the floor, climb to the top of the tiled wall and turn around at the top. Grab the Bomb Flower to your right as you come out of the door, and throw it directly between the two long lines of Bomb Flowers surrounding the Iron Pillar. FAQ/Walkthrough v1.4 March 09th – March 14th, 2007 All instances of the words “Steel Boots” have been corrected to “Iron Boots,” the correct name.

Put the Iron Boots back on. Asked the boys to put the costumes on so I could do a final adjustment before we left for comic con. We only hope that with what we produce, a smile is put on your face! Hope you enjoy my post. It all began in 1986, when a little game known as “The Legend of Zelda” was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom, for our Japanese readers). Legend of Zelda Link Classic Kids size L 10/12 Nintendo Character Costume Disguise Feature : Officially Licensed Nintendo product! Nintendo Everything has posted these two new trailers for Hyrule Warriors that were captured from a Japanese streaming site (sorry about the quality). The Spirit Temple also contains two Dungeon Items, one each for Young Link and Adult Link (though Adult Link is the only person who can use either of them).

FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0 July 13th – September 11th, 2006 This guide didn’t really take me two months to write. Lake Hylia We’re going to take a quick detour over to Gerudo Valley while we’re here. The same goes for Link, going from his dark, Twilight Princess colors to his bright outfit from Ocarina of Time. It’s amazing to see Zelda go from her pasty-yet-beautiful look in Twilight Princess to her animated, younger depiction in Skyward Sword. Zelda doesn’t just command an army but she can wield a number of different weapons, from rapiers to batons. It can hold only 99 rupees. But it all goes back to The Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda was a hit game; A Link to the Past pushed Zelda into legendary status.