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Head for the cliff above Dodongo’s Cavern (where you threw the Bomb Flower down as Young Link to unseal Dodongo’s Cavern). Found: Patch of Soft Earth near the Entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Bottled Bug Drop a Bottled Bug into the patch of soft earth outside Dodongo’s Cavern. The Temple of Time Return to Hyrule Field and make your way to Zora’s River, on the east side of Hyrule Field. Make your way back upstream until you near the Zora’s Domain waterfall. Run to the right from the entrance to Zora’s Domain. To get the upperhand right from the start, prepare a Super Spin Attack by holding the attack button as soon as you enter the room, then slowly edge into the room. Head to the left towards the top of the waterfall, and edge to the very edge of the waterfall.

Inside Ganon’s Castle – Shadow Seal Room One New Equipment: Gold Gauntlets Look to the left as you enter the room, and you’ll see a chest. Up the ladder. At the top, face south again where you will see a cliff with a pit in it. At the top, return through the door you came through, back to the Entrance Hall. After a time, Volvagia will dive back into one of the pits and revert to his first phase. With any luck (or with the Biggoron Sword) this will kill all enemies in the room in one hit.

Even having just one or two of the pieces of this set equipped can mean the difference between downing an enemy or being hit by another blow. This item is not required to finish the game, but getting all of the Gold Skulltulas and Heart Pieces would be a significantly harder accomplishment without it. Near the end of the wooden drawbridge just before the waterfall, if you look on the northwestern wall you will find another Gold Skulltula.

Go through it. ——————————————– The Fire Temple – The Room of Fiery Enemies In this room you will encounter a large number of Fire Keese and Fire Slugs. You’re done in Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple now, so if Link’s stylish red threads aren’t your thing, you can switch back to the Kokiri Tunic if you like. There’s another red rock here. Smash the first red rock on the left with the Megaton Hammer, and you’ll find a Gold Skulltula (if it isn’t there, then make sure it’s nighttime). The lit torches will make a chest appear back on the other side of the room. For this reason, don’t go near Ganondorf until he is stunned, or else he will use the Shockwave and make this fight more difficult then it needs to be. The Fire Temple – Entrance Hall Kill the pair of Fire Keese in the room, then drop down to the bottom floor and go to the east side of the chamber.