legend of zelda breath of the wild costume

The next morning, the shield was firmly glued together. Kill the Lizalfos exactly how you did before; wait for the Lizalfos to come to you, block their attacks with the Turtle Shield technique, and attack with Jump Attacks. Jump down into the pit on the other side of the tunnel, and watch out for the two Fire Keese who will come swooping in. Dodongo’s Cavern – Back Room Drop down into the large pit area. Dodongo’s Cavern – Pillar Room This room has a pair of Fire Keese flying around it. Kill the Fire Keese flapping around the room, then climb up the ledge to the east. Climb up the ladder to the top of the pillar, and step on the switch to unlock the door in the east of the room.

If you have already unfrozen the King Zora, then give him the Prescription and skip to the next step. Lastly, with Adult Link simply use the Hookshot to get on top of Impa’s House, then drop down to the doorway from there. Drop back down and go through the door in front of the ivy. Destroy the Skulltula and the Gold Skulltula hanging from the ivy, then climb up the ivy to grab the token. Climb up next to it and drop a bomb next to the wall to break it open. If the Bomb Flower isn’t thrown in the exact center of the lines, then it won’t ignite properly. Capture some of the Blue Fire in the center of the room in an empty bottle, and then use it to melt the sheet of ice blocking the door. His overall appearance may differ from game to game, like in the Breath of Wild game where he carries a bow and arrow instead of just a sword and wears blue clothing, or in the Four Swords, where there are four versions of him wearing different color clothing.

We just know it WILL happen, though it will occur well after the game is over. This skill will be instrumental in obtaining some Gold Skulltulas in Dodongo’s Cavern, as well as the Fire Temple. Dodongo’s Cavern – The Solo Eye Room Shoot the golden eye above the circle of flames with your Slingshot, and the ring of fire will disappear. Run past or kill the Fire Keese, and leap over the gap in the catwalk. Jump over the first gap in the catwalk, so that you are standing in between the two gaps. But wait, it’s not over yet! Jump across the gap, and turn to the right to see a chest on an upper ledge. Turn around, and go through the tunnel to the right. Run through the darkened tunnel to the next room. Go east to the next room. Run through the tunnel to the room on the other side.

Go to the left, around the barrier, and then to the right on it’s other side. Go through it. Immediately on the other side, there is a locked door on the right. On the other side, go through the locked door on the other side, and use the Lens of Truth to safely traverse the next room and avoid the pits. Open the chest to find the Compass, then return to the previous room. Once Phantom Ganon recovers from the stun, then he returns to throwing balls of lightning at you. B-O-S-S———– Giant Aquatic Amoeba MORPHA I often hear this boss described as “hard.” I can only assume one of two things: people assume that since the dungeon is fairly difficult and confusing, then the boss must also be so. Go through it. ————————————— Dodongo’s Cavern – The Double Eye Room This room is similar to the Solo Eye Room, but there are now two eyes you have to shoot.