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Jump over to the Blue Fire. If you have an extra bottle of Blue Fire, then you can use it to unfreeze the entrance to the Zora’s Shop, which sells extra Zora Tunics, in addition to other useless trinkets. In addition to a Piece of Heart, we still need to get the Zora’s Tunic from King Zora, which lets us breathe underwater. Out of gratitude, he will give you the Zora Tunic, which lets you breath underwater. As soon as you come out of the Ice Cavern, don your Iron Boots and drop down into the pool of water. Unlike Dodongo’s Cavern, however, you don’t have to wait for them to attack you before you can retaliate. Attacking him with pretty much any basic sword attack will cause him to retaliate with the exact same attack. Allow the Wolfos to strike at you, then backflip out of it’s way at the last minute, then use a Jump Attack as soon as you land.

Princess Zelda Costume - The Legend of Zelda Cosplay - Outfit for Sale Requires: Nothing Activate the three rising platforms, jump out to the second one, and then jump to the left past the Big Skulltula. Behind one of the walls is the Gold Skulltula. When you land, look on the steel bars in the corner of the room to see a Gold Skulltula. Take a left around the corner. Found: High window on left from entrance Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Boomerang Look on the tall second story building to the left of the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch. If you want that bundle of Red Rupees hanging high above the ground, then play the Song of Time here to make a Block of Time appear, which you can then use. Drop back down to the ground, and push the block from it’s west side going east.

Push it north. Grab the silver rupee from the stone that the ice block has to come rest on, and the door will open. Jump onto the ice block and use it to reach the silver rupee on top of the rock. Climb on top of the ice block, and grab the silver rupee on top of the stone. Back outside the cell, grab onto the stone block and pull it backwards until it stops. Climb onto the ice block. Next, jump back down, and get on the south side of the ice block. Open it to get the Iron Boots, which let you walk underwater. You’re now back in the first wide open room in the Ice Cavern. If you haven’t done any of it (you lazy bum), then I STRONGLY recommend you do the whole thing now.

If you’ve been doing it as you progress through the game, then do Parts VII through X now. It is very easy to complete at this point in the game, and relatively quick (fifteen minutes, tops, if you know exactly where you need to go). And that costume is already in the game, essentially, since every character has a dark version. One thing you can also notice is that this costume is best worn outdoors with the woods as your background. It is one of the items used most regularly by Young Link, but it is effectively replaced by the more powerful Boomerang, which also has the bonus of having infinite ammo.