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Head for the back of the clearing, where you will find a cluster of butterflies hovering around the tall grass. Now, run to the large tree in the back of the clearing, and look for a cluster of butterflies in the tall grass. Before you enter the Village, go north from the stairs to find a lone tree in the very northeast corner of the field. Head for Kakariko Village, in the northeast corner of the zone, at 1:00 on the clock face. Run along the roof until you reach it’s end, then face the west. If you miss, then kill the Gohma Larva, at which point the boss’ pattern resets. The more damage the boss takes, the more arms appear. The best way to get this Poe is to ride west from the stone bridge near Kakariko Village straight at the signpost south of Hyrule Castle. Part IX: Biggoron’s Eyedrops Time Limit: 4:00 You’ve now got to run clear across Hyrule.

Unfortunately, he’ll buy it from you for less then it’s worth, so you’re going to have to pay the difference next time you’re in town. Defeat both of the Business Scrubs here, then look for the patch of soft earth near the right Business Scrub. You can vaguely hear a Gold Skulltula here, but you won’t be able to reach it until you get access to Bombs. Kill the Gold Skulltula who emerges from the patch, and take its token. Watch out for the rolling Goron who crashes through here periodically. Keep following the path up and around, and defeat another Tektite who jumps down from on high. After you absorb three beams of the same alignment in a row, then the Mirror Shield will unleash a massive beam back at Twinrova (keep the shield drawn to make sure the beam connects). Once all the braziers are lit, then the giant pot in the middle of the room will begin spinning.

This will cause the giant pot to begin rotating around the room. Go through it. ——————————————– Inside Ganon’s Castle – Water Seal Room One Run forward into the icy room, and stalactites will fall from the ceiling. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Light Seal Room Two New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Run to the right, where you will find two unlit torched and a Goron sitting in front of a tunnel.

Leave the clearing through the log tunnel, then go right, right again, and then left. Hang a right, then forward, and forward again. It’s better then the alternative. You then get your first face-to-face encounter with Ganondorf. But what’s worse, Ganondorf also awoke monsters inside Dodongo’s Cavern. After Darunia refused, Ganondorf sealed up the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern, blocking off the Goron’s primary food source. He’ll give you the Goron’s Bracelet to help, which can be used to pick up and use Bomb Flowers that grow around Death Mountain. Goron City New Equipment: Goron’s Bracelet There’s a ton of hidden stuff in Goron City, but unfortunately you need Bombs to access them. Use the flame to light all of the braziers on the bottom level of Goron City. Found: In a small room in the area with the spinning walls Requires: Hookshot Find the small room with the Gold Skulltula in it, and use the Hookshot to kill it and take it’s token.