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Sun’s Song First Found: Kakariko Graveyard – Royal Family’s Tomb Sequence: C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up Learned in the Royal Family’s Tomb in Kakariko Graveyard, the Sun’s Song alternates the time of day between 12:00 (noon) and 0:00 (midnight). Play the Sun’s Song, and a chest appears which contains the Piece of Heart. Behind it is a door to a room which contains a lousy Business Scrub who sells Deku Sticks for fifteen rupees a pop. You shouldn’t be short on Deku Sticks at all, so ignore the wall unless you need one. Use the Lens of Truth to find another opening on the left wall just around the corner. Go to the south end of the room, and use the Bomb Flower against the oddly-colored wall to break open the sealed wall. Before you go through the door you just unlocked, grab the Bomb Flower near the door and use it to blast open the sealed wall to the left of the Bomb Flower.

Use the Turtle Shield guard if a Keese starts to fly at you. Luckily, all of their attacks are easily blocked using the Turtle Shield technique. Found: Behind waterfall in tunnel immediately before the Boss Key Requires: Longshot Kill the Gold Skulltula behind the waterfall using the Longshot, then take it’s token with the Longshot. Pull yourself up to the alcove using the Hookshot target, and then stand on the edge of the alcove, as far away from the Dragon Statue as you can. From there, run towards the chest until you slide down off the hill, and use the Hookshot on the chest to pull yourself towards it, and open it before the time runs out.

Destroy the Beamos statues to use the platforms. Through the door. ———————————– Dodongo’s Cavern – Armos Trap Room New Dungeon Item: Compass This room contains three Armos Statues surrounding a chest. Pull the Armos Statue away from the ladder, and be careful not to touch any of the other statues – they are actually Armos Knights in disguise. These arrows are absolutely worthless in progressing the game forward, but are a fun item to have and use nonetheless. Use the flaming Deku Stick to light the three empty sconces along the room (each is very near to where one of the three Dodongos was).

Light a Deku Stick on the torch. I have the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. Just before the Bomb Flower explodes, strike the Armos Knight with your sword to bring it to life. If the Bomb Flower isn’t thrown in the exact center of the lines, then it won’t ignite properly. To defeat it, grab a Bomb Flower, and drop it near the Armos Knight (don’t throw it – drop it). Once you get better at it, you can grab multiple rupees in one dive. Go through it. ——————————— The Water Temple – Longshot Room Open the chest in front of you to get the Longshot. You can get through the whole game only playing this song twice.