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While previous Zelda titles allowed players to change small things about the way Link looked, this title directly affects how Link will perform on the battlefield. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Five Go to the left, keeping near Zelda to ensure that she keeps moving. As Zelda rules over Hyrule, she has a counterpart, Hilda, who rules over Lorule. I’m sure the TSA scratched their heads over that one! At that point, you do not get another reward until you get all one hundred.

Use the Magic Leaf to ride around to the Piece of Heart, which is on top of one of the massive rocks near the warp-in point. Climb to the top of the staircase on the left or right, and you’ll be above the skull. You can shoot it from there with the Longshot, but if you still have only the Hookshot then you’ll have to climb up to the upper ledge to reach it. Climb up the stairs, where you will find purple-suited Gerudos patrolling the area.

Standing on the window sill, look far down below to see the patrolling Gerudos who threw you in prison. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer to see what happens next in the sequel. Kill the Skulltula. Take it’s token with the Longshot. Take the Key, and kill the Gold Skulltula for it’s token, then return to the previous room. You’ll see an alcove with a Gold Skulltula in it. There is a Gold Skulltula on the wall behind the Tent. The Gold Skulltula lies underneath it. Look on the back of the arch to see another Gold Skulltula (it has to be nighttime). Go around the corner and kill the Big Skulltula that hangs from the ceiling. Kill or avoid the Floor Masters, and head to the north end of the room and go through the door.

Once the Floor Master and his spawn are dead, a chest appears in the rear of the room. Start by killing both of the Redeads in the room, and then open the chest that appears. The Shadow Temple – Floor Master Room This room appears to be a large, open room filled with Floor Masters. Use it to open the north door. Hop onto the crushing ceiling just to the north of the switch, and jump from the there to the ledge with the chest. Head north along the narrow ledge, where you will reach another timed jump involving a guillotine.