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Except now you’re twice as big, deal twice the damage, and have a sword which rivals the Knuckle’s axe, instead of that lousy twig, the Deku Sword. The Water Temple – The Dragon’s Head Room To progress through this room, you’ll have to make the dragon’s heads throughout the room raise and lower by shooting the diamond switch in the middle of the room, which will reveal a number of Hookshot targets. Climb onto the lowered the dragon’s head, then shoot the diamond switch while you are standing on the head of the statue. Once the Iron Knuckle is dead, then the door behind it’s throne will open.

After the Floormaster is dead, a chest will appear in the room. Defeat both of them, and a Chest will appear which contains the Bow and Arrows. If you like, you can stop on the third level to shoot a golden eye with an arrow, which will give you a chest with a bundle of arrows. Go down the stairs and shoot her with an Arrow, whereupon she will disappear. Kill these midgets quickly using the Bow and Arrow, otherwise they will quickly grow into full-sized Floormasters. Kill both of the Blue Bubbles in this room to open the door in the south of the area. The Forest Temple – Stone Block Room Jump down to the bottom level of the Stone Block Room, and kill the Blue Bubble.

Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then jump back to the ledge with the (dead) Deku Baba. You must defeat both of them quickly; if you take too long on the second one after defeating the first one, then they will both regenerate. You must now shoot the portrait which contains the Poe Sister using the Bow and Arrow. The Forest Temple – Upper Stalfos Room New Item: Bow and Arrow Run into the room, watching out for the large pit in the center which drops back down to the Lower Stalfos Room. The Forest Temple – West Twisted Hallway New Dungeon Item: Boss Key Run down the now-straightened hall, and drop down into the room.

The Forest Temple – West Courtyard Back on the ledge, turn to the right and go through the door. The Forest Temple – West Twisted Hallway Run to the end of the hall, and in the large room on the other side Navi will warn you to watch for the shadows of enemies who hang from the ceiling. For now, run to the bottom of the pair of stairsets and through the door at the bottom of the second. Standing at the bottom or top of the stairwell is your best bet. Take it, then return to the West Stairwell. Once you shoot out the picture containing the Poe, then the portrait will burn into ashes, and the Poe will move to another picture. Jump out to these Recovery Hearts and walk slowly to the far edge of the broken columns, and look up to find a Gold Skulltula. Found: High on wall east of Mill Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Boomerang The Gold Skulltula is high on the wall to the east of the mill.