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The Fire Temple – Lava Cavern Head to the opposite side of the cavern. Since there is a hidden key in the Treasure Room itself on the way to the Ice Arrows, once you have six keys then you can head for the Treasure Room to get your reward and leave the dungeon. On the other side, go through the locked door on the other side, and use the Lens of Truth to safely traverse the next room and avoid the pits. The Fire Temple – Pillar Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key In this room you’ll meet with Darunia. Soda bottles, cans and a gallon of milk all meet their makers at the hands of the chakrams. YouTube show “Man at Arms: Reforged” has tackled the challenge of making a real-life chakram. One of the best parts of any “Man at Arms: Reforged” episode is the test footage of the builds at the end.

Jump into the pool of water at the end of the road, then jump back onto the road with the Deku Scrub right in front of you. The two-piece chakram is more complicated, but “Reforged” comes up with a solution that allows it to come apart and then connect back together. In a nutshell, Ocarina has fewer items then Link to the Past, but they are used better, so we forgive them. Most Link cosplayers have the standard green (Kokiri) tunic. Unlike the Goron Tunic, obtaining the Zora Tunic is entirely optional. Otherwise, head up the trail to Goron City and scroll down to the part of the guide with the heading “Goron City.” ——————————- Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber If you’re wondering that we’re doing here again, it’s because we’re going after one last Gold Skulltula which has been eluding you here.

When at the bridge to Ganon’s tower, keep going right. Climb up to the front of the sealed door, and look to the right to see another Silver Rupee in front of a fan. You’ll see a bunch of rocks, one covering up the way to a cave. While it’s become somewhat commonplace to see Legend of Zelda fans with a makeshift version of Link’s Master Sword, or Kingdom Hearts cosplayers with a home-made Keyblade, this replica gun takes costume commitment to the next level. Hannaheva spared no details in recreating this elegant dress while added a few personal touches to make it stand out among the crowd. Cosplayer Hannaheva has managed to bring that gorgeous dress to real life. This item may not be for everyone, but it’s perfect for a huge fan of the show or a professional cosplayer.

It also mimics its ability in the show with a “Crime Coefficient Score” readout, which analyses the potential for crime of anyone (or anything) that it’s pointed at. With the amount of work that has gone into its creation — the mechanisms, the sound, LED lights and sensors — the Dominator comes with a rather hefty price tag. There are a few points in the game where this comes in great handy, several of which are coming up in the near future.