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The Spirit Temple – Entrance Surprise! Head for the entrance to the Spirit Temple. Take the Silver Rupee that was underneath the pillar, then turn around and head back to the sinking platform. Head for the pair of trees to your right as you enter from the Haunted Wasteland. Run through the gate and into the desert to enter the Haunted Wasteland. The Haunted Wasteland is a short obstacle course, requiring you to cross the desert to reach the Desert Colossus. Desert Colossus (nighttime) This area is crawling with Guays and Leevers, all of which you should ignore (unless you like torturing yourself, you silly masochist you).

Make sure it’s nighttime before progressing from here. East from here. Run to the east iceberg, and run out to the end of the string of icebergs to get the Piece of Heart. Lousy Bombchus. ————————— 50 Tokens – Piece of Heart At 50, you get the best reward, a Piece of Heart. Follow the sign to the Merchant if you like, but all he sells is Bombchus. After the second flag in the series, you will reach a sign which points you to the Carpet Merchant. Run down the hall, and around another corner to reach another cell at a dead end. Go through it. ——————————– Thieves’ Hideout – Shiro’s Cell New Dungeon Item: Small Key New Quest Item: Gerudo’s Membership Card Run down the hall and around the corner, where you will find the last Carpenter, Shiro, locked in his cell.

She is so impressed by your abilities to sneak around the Fortress, that she’ll make you an Honorary Gerudo Thief, and present you with a Gerudo Membership Card. This Card does many things. This is Nabooru, the second-in-command to Ganondorf that heard so many unpleasant things about as an adult. Return to the Graveyard as Adult Link, and ride the Magic Leaf up to a high ledge. Later, when Ganondorf attacks, she flees Hyrule Castle with her nursemaid, Impa, and isn’t seen again until Link is an adult. For Part I of the Spirit Temple, we are dealing with Young Link in the West Wing. The Spirit Temple – Desert Colossus (right arm) New Equipment: Mirror Shield As you come out onto the Colossus statue’s outstretched hand, a chest will appear. Return to the Colossus. Change back to the Kokiri Boots and whichever Tunic you like, and return to the Sea of Fire.

The Temple of Time Replace the Master Sword to return to Link’s Childhood. From this point on, you can complete the Gerudo’s Training Ground at any time. Whether you choose to do the Training Ground or not, you at least want to do the highly lucrative (but very challenging) Horseback Archery Range. If you’re going to do the Training Ground now, then move on down to the chapter on the Training Ground. Then, skip down to the next chapter. Back at the door, look to the north where there is a small jump down to a ledge below, which contains a single door.