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Choose from a curated selection of autumn wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screens. Always free on Unsplash. Go around the corner and kill the Big Skulltula that hangs from the ceiling. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the ceiling above while you grab this rupee. Release a Bug from your Bottle near the patch of earth (remember to recapture one), and kill the Gold Skulltula that appears. Head for the southern edge of this strip of land, look for the patch of soft earth near the Cow. Jump out to these Recovery Hearts and walk slowly to the far edge of the broken columns, and look up to find a Gold Skulltula. You’ll also find another one of those mysterious platforms, like the one you saw in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Hyrule Field There’s still a bit to do before we head for the Forest Temple. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity came as a surprise to Nintendo fans when it was randomly shadow dropped on Twitter earlier this year.

The Spirit Temple – Entrance Surprise! Found: Patch of Soft Earth near entrance to Spirit Temple Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Bottled Bug Drop a Bottled Bug into the patch of soft earth near the entrance to the Spirit Temple, and then kill the Gold Skulltula that emerges. Release some Bugs near the patch of soft earth. Remember to recapture one of the three bugs that comes out. Take it’s token, then plant one of your Magic Beans. Kill the Gold Skulltula that appears, and take it’s Token.

Use the Iron Boots to come to a stop, and grab the Gold Skulltula and it’s token from the bottom of the river. Take it, then jump into the river and ride it downstream to return to Lake Hylia. If you miss it, then you’ll have to jump down into the river, ride it downstream to Lake Hylia, and then return to Gerudo Valley so you can get another Cucco. Zora’s Domain Return to King Zora’s Throne Room, and show him the Bottled Letter. Head north out of Lake Hylia to return to Hyrule Field. The earliest time that you can obtain them is in the Hyrule Castle Market, immediately after finishing Dodongo’s Cavern. Ignore Kaepora Gaebora here; he’ll give you a lift to Hyrule Castle, but you don’t want to be going there.

After another meeting with Kaepora Gaebora, go west into a rocky, canyon-like area. After Kaepora Gaebora is done telling you what a Lake is, move to the exact center of the corral and drop a bomb to reveal a pit. On the left side of the ledge opposite the pit, there is a tall pillar which is surrounded by bomb flowers. Look to the opposite side of the canyon, and try to spot a small platform with a wooden crate on it. Head for the left side of the graveyard. Go around to the west side of the building, and cross the wooden bridge that stretched across the Lake. Keep going west through the canyon until you reach the zone break to Gerudo Valley. Go to Gerudo Valley and rescue the four Carpenters from Gerudo Fortress.