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This seems useful until players ask for and receive the Thunder Helmet from the Gerudo, which essentially does the same thing while also freeing up two spaces for other stat boosts. Make sure you still have two Bottles with Blue Fire, then return to the room with the Giant Frozen Scythe Thing of Incredibly Painful Death. The Ice Arrows are obtained from the Gerudo Training Ground by taking the left door in the Treasure Room. Defeat Bongo Bongo. 27. Go to Gerudo Valley. Use the Mirror Shield to activate the sun panels in the room. While you’re getting rid of the Keese, get the Gold Skulltula in the corner (to your right as you come in from the GFSTIPD room) and take it’s token with the Hookshot. Run west into the sliding block puzzle room, and look for the Gold Skulltula above the pit to the left as you enter the room.

Go around behind Pierre to find another Gold Skulltula. You can also find gifts featuring other classic characters, like Princess Zelda and the evil Ganondorf. These include books, clothing, costumes, stickers or even customized items like drinking mugs or pendants. Most Zelda merchandise has a popular Zelda design like the iconic Tri-Force logo or the main character, Link. Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay Costume! European, Japanese and North American Hyrule Warriors players can expect four pieces of paid DLC, and buying them all in a Season Pass for $20 throws in a Dark Link costume. We just had to do a Link Cosplay. ● Zelda Breath of the Wild cosplay includes a white shirt, a blue top, a blue apron, a pair of brown pants, gloves, two belts, a purse, a waist bag and two shoe decorations. ● Princess Zelda is the titular character in The Legend of Zelda series.

Skyloft is a series of large islands floating above the clouds in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game. It’s Zelda in her Skyloft outfit. Zelda will then tell you about a dream she had, and offers to tell you an ancient story passed down by the royal family – but only if you don’t tell anyone. Run forward through the doorway in front of you, then take a left and down the hall through another doorway.

Run to the left towards the corner, and use the Lens of Truth to see an opening on the right. Look to the left of the sealed door, and there is another fan. There are some less conventional gifts you can get for a Zelda fan. We just played through the original Legend of Zelda and we got all geeked out. Top-down view of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.