legend of zelda link cosplay costume

This reskin doesn’t just change the hero of time into the crossbow-wielding shepherd, it also adds new facial animations, voice acting, weapons, and unique armour sets to the game. The Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time costume packs each provide Link and Zelda with costumes inspired by the respective game. In fact, we’re still haunted by the pained cries and bone-crunching thud that sent us crawling to the game over screen whenever our shield broke. Shield surfing certainly isn’t for the fainthearted but you can decrease these mountainous mishaps with this game-changing mod. If it has run off the edge into the river, then you’ll have to dive into the river, which will take you down to Lake Hylia, and run all the way back around to Gerudo Valley, so you can grab the Cucco again. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda along with her attendant Impa, run away from Hyrule castle in hopes of keeping the Triforce out of Ganondorf’s hands.

Creating an avatar or character that resembles yourself has been a long-standing feature in most RPGs, but The Legend of Zelda has never included this feature. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s community is a thriving one, with countless fans across the globe. Being able to play as Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild certainly makes for a unique experience, especially since fans of Nintendo’s fantasy epic have only ever been able to play as her in the series’ various spin-off titles. Appeared alongside iconic Zelda characters in Koei Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors. This is the best cosplay to be zelda!

Unleashing Link’s inner snowboarder was one of the best features of Breath the Wild. This mod simply adds a bunch of customisations to Link’s skin, eye and hair colour to best fit your preferences. Just make sure you download this armour patch so that your hair colour stays the same when wearing various head gear. Make sure you combine this conversion mod with the Linkle dialogue patch to get rid of Link’s name in the game’s subtitles. However, if you wish to change up the game’s look and want a unique experience, then be sure to give this mod a try.

This texture mod doesn’t change Link’s model but it does replace his hair and eye colour, while also donning him in a custom armour retexture made to look like Geralt’s starter mail in The Witcher 3. Who knew anime Geralt could look this good? Link and Geralt of Rivia both love exploring dark dungeons, slaying monolithic beasts and saving the day from tyrannical villains. Pretend that Shadow Link and Hero Link’s sword attacks are magnets, each with the same polarity. The Gilded Sword from Majora’s Mask. After the phenomenal orchestral soundtrack in Skyward Sword and iconic themes from past games, it can feel a bit strange silently wandering through dense forests and arid deserts with only ambient music playing in the background. Do you ever wish you could ride around Hyrule on Thomas the Tank Engine while holding Cloud’s trusty Buster Sword? This mod may not be as visually impressive or as technically demanding as the other fan-made content on this list, but it certainly shakes things up for those who wish to tinker with Link’s wardrobe.