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Actor with Striped Robe and Sword (late 18th century - early 19th century) Yeah, they are used a little excessively late in the game. Without going into too much detail, there are some interesting twists involving the villains. As you come out of the door, there is a statue near you. No detail is left out. The Fire Temple – Entrance Hall Run up the stairs as you enter, watching out for the Fire Keese who flap around above. Atmospheric, conceptually sound, and full of great puzzles and mini-bosses, the Forest Temple is perhaps the most “complete” dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Put on the Goron Tunic, which removes the time limit in Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple.

Found: Red boulder two-thirds up the Trail Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Megaton Hammer Smash the last of the three boulders on the way up the portion of Death Mountain Trail where you are pelted with burning rocks. Make your way directly there, and ignore any Stalchildren or Peahats you may anger along the way. Magical way exists to create portals to the surface. 1. Link’s sword isn’t strong enough so he needs to find three Sacred Flames. He needs to travel to the three previous areas to find three Sacred Flames to make his sword stronger. Once you have killed the Like- Like and the three Keese, then the grating in the rear of the room will open. Keep your Lens of Truth activated to avoid the invisible spikes around the room. In saying this, her outfit is still somewhat regal and is able to separate her enough from the other warriors in terms of power structure.

If you haven’t done the Ice Cavern yet, then King Zora will still be encased in red ice. It essentially replaces the Fairy Slingshot as soon as you get it, but still isn’t used much since you are practically to the Adult Link part of the game when you first obtain it, and Adult Link can’t use it. Use the Boomerang to snag it. Use the Sun’s Song to make it nighttime if you need to. The bad guys need Zelda for nefarious purposes and it’s up to Link, the chosen hero, to save Zelda and the world. 3. Link needs to traverse a Dungeon to find Zelda. 3. Link needs to traverse a Dungeon to get the first sacred flame. Skyward Sword is considered to be the first in the timeline of the Zelda series, and it capitalizes on that with an ending that Zelda fans will appreciate.

After the prologue, Zelda is knocked out of the sky by a dark tornado. There were also two computer fans mounted inside the hump to help bring air in and take hot air out with the vent holes and switches disguised as spots. Link dons the traditional green outfit, a knight’s uniform in this game, and sets out in search of Zelda. The story is a pretty standard Legend of Zelda story. Every action the player is told to perform is backed by solid story logic. Link is told his magic one-of-a-kind sword isn’t great enough. After catching her, two temples later, he is told to go to another location where he gets a magic harp. There is a crack in the wall between the two trees. The two Pieces of Heart earned are more then worth it. Zelda is traveling to “purify her body” in the two sacred springs, while Link’s primary drive is finding her.