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Ice Climbers (SSBU) - SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki Cobra wasn’t having a cosplay contest or anything, but Paredes and Bray were happy to see the costume. “I made this baby-sized Link costume as a baby shower gift for a couple of close friends. In June, Cobra will have a huge presence at Phoenix Comicon: It’s actually re-creating the bar at the convention and encouraging people in costume to come down to the real location. Grab your coffee and come roast the last year’s MMO shenanigans. Join our panel of industry insiders from various game companies as we discuss wide-ranging topics on all things MMO. Eventually, Paredes, Bracamonte and Bray will set up a website with current champions and leaderboards, and they’re talking about hosting viewing parties for things like EVO and other livestreamed e-sports events. Cobra also hosts regular theme nights — May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo parties are next — and every Sunday Paredes hosts tournaments with some of the more competitive players.

The bar opens at noon, complete with a food truck out front, and the players go at it for the chance to win some cash, swag and their name on the Cobra Facebook page. Con offers us a chance to get involved with the community. Those who grew up playing games in arcades are now old enough to appreciate a stiff drink while surrounded by friends, and younger gaming fans get a chance to experience cabinets first-hand, perhaps for the first time. Whatever the reason, Cobra, Meltdown and gaming bars across the world have stumbled onto something special for social gaming fans. Much like Cobra, Meltdown bars don’t rest on the e-sports theme alone. One reason Meltdown was able to grow so quickly is its franchise system. Anyone with enough capital and drive can open up a Meltdown bar, and Metz says she receives five to 10 applications a day from interested people all over the world.

Also, a little turtle told us that fan favorite World of Warcraft machinimist, Brandon M. “Oxhorn” Dennis, will be dropping by to say hello. According to the catchy theme song, “it’s your world!” The team from Sony Online Entertainment will be on hand to show off all manner of cool things about their family-friendly MMO, and perhaps a hint of what the future may hold. At the top there is a door emblazoned with the Spirit Medallion. The Spirit Temple – Upper Sun Chamber Run forward as you enter the room, and two pots will fling themselves at you. The Bottom of the Well – Reservoir New Dungeon Item: Small Key x2 New Dungeon Item: Compass If you don’t care about Gold Skulltulas, then play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time, and skip to the next chapter in the guide.

Either use the Steels Boots or the Gold Scale to go to the bottom of the pool and get the Piece of Heart. At the top of the ladder, go to the left a short ways to find a Gold Skulltula. Open the chest part of the way along the ledge to find the Dungeon Map. This is the place to find out what new shenanigans are in store for this year. Doubtless, the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess will once again place that bar of competence to an even higher mark (Post-Twilight Princess update: it didn’t. These two games alone are enough to elevate the Nintendo 64 to legendary heights, to say nothing of The Legend of Zelda franchise.