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Where previous 3D Mario games were about exploring spaces, Super Mario is in general about navigating to the end of the level. The levels do also wind in different directions: straight up, or into the screen like a true 3D platformer — but never in the wide open worlds of a Super Mario 64. It’s much more linear. The camera is, for the most part, locked to an isometric perspective, and levels scroll mostly from left to right, with some room to move toward and away from the screen. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero has players leaping through side-scrolling levels as series protagonist and belly-dancing genie Shantae, using her has a whip-like weapon and dancing to transform into other creatures.

The project’s final amount was enough to push it past the developer’s $700,000 “Costume Swap” stretch goal, which will offer players three more fully-animated outfits for use in the game. The Amnesia Fortnight prototypes include: Autonomous, a first-person sandbox game set in the future; Spacebase DF-9, a top-down simulation where you construct and maintain a space station; Black Lake, an adventure game set in a dark forest; The White Birch is a 3D puzzle-platformer set in a massive tower; Brazen is a co-op action game where four players team up to take on monsters; and Hack-n-Slash is a Legend of Zelda-inspired 2D action-adventure game. The Humble Double Fine Bundle has crammed in eight more games today, a collection of Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight prototypes – the results of annual internal gamejams at Double Fine. All eight games are Windows PC only, available to all who plunk down more than the average $8.15 (at time of this writing) for the Humble Double Fine Bundle.

If you’d like to see more of Bryce’s cosplay from WoW and a variety of other games and anime, check out his profile on CosplayLab! Move out of the way as quick as you can to avoid damage. 0.99 each. Note: While the full game can be purchased via Nintendo’s website, the DLC waits in the wings of the Wii U eShop. Your happy child is going to love dressing up as her favorite video game queen. The Humble Double Fine Bundle was introduced last week, as an initial collection of the studio’s most recent works: Psychonauts, Stacking, Costume Quest, Brutal Legend and a pre-order for Broken Age, the studio’s Kickstarter-funded adventure game. Featuring the princess’ signature purple and white dress with the Triforce symbol on the apron, this costume is perfect for any Legend of Zelda fan!

Defeat it, and run deeper into the room, where a White Wolfos will appear. Start by killing both of the Redeads in the room, and then open the chest that appears. As you come out of the room, go to the handle on the right. 2D. Or, at least, 2.5D. There are plenty of sections where you move in and out of the screen, sure, but for the most part, you’re following corridor-style paths from left to right. From the doorway, look to the right and down the ramp to see a pair of guards. Go to the left and pass between the pair of posts just to the left of the fire wall, and you can reach the switch. Watch out for the giant totem pole here; the faces spit fire. Though I guess it might kinda balanced out since I got asked to kill so many people as Hogger.