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Don’t try to ride down and across the bridge with Epona, or else the Poe will vanish before you get there. Head out to the drawbridge west of the log bridge and dive into the river. Head north and climb up the ladder onto the stone wall. Use the Longshot on the Longshot target on the wall behind the grating to beat the clock and access the hallway on the other side. Once the Gibdos is dead, use the torch near it to light a Deku Stick. If you still haven’t bought the Deku Stick Upgrade from the Business Scrub in the rear of this valley, then do so now.

3 First Found: Gerudo Fortress Used By: Adult Link The second Quiver upgrade is found in the Gerudo Fortress, after obtaining the Gerudo’s Card and becoming an official Gerudo Thief. Goal: Win from the Heart-Pounding Grave Digging Tour Time Period: Young Link ONLY Requires: Nothing From nightfall to 10:00, Dampe will operate a Grave Digging Minigame in the Graveyard. Now, head for the northwest corner of the graveyard where there is a soft patch of earth. Plant one of your Magic Beans in the soft patch of earth, then enter the Cavern. The Fireproof Set, sometimes called the Flamebreaker Set, is an absolute must-have considering it’s one of the easiest ways to conquer the heat of Death Mountain. Go to Death Mountain Trail.

Start heading up the trail. Inside the Deku Tree – The Trunk If you like, use Farore’s Wind at the start of the dungeon so that you can warp right back to the start as soon as you have claimed the Gold Skulltula. There are still two Gold Skulltulas in this dungeon which you are yet to reach, and we’re going to get one of them right now. This is the smallest ammo pouch, and is quickly upgraded after finishing the dungeon. The Spirit Temple – Upper Silver Rupee Chamber New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Another room filled with Silver Rupees.

The Fire Temple – Lava Curtain Room You’re back in the Lava Curtain Room now, on the other side of the large fence that blocked you a few seconds ago when you got the Dungeon Map. The Fire Temple – Upper Flare Dancer Room -M-I-N-I–B-O-S-S- Flare Dancer As soon as you enter the room, a Flare Dancer will appear. Use a Bottle of Blue Fire to melt the red ice. Use the Boomerang to snag it. Kill it and take it’s token with your Boomerang. Take it’s token with your Boomerang. Take the Heart Container that Barinade leaves behind, then enter the ring of shimmering blue light. Kakariko Village From Kakariko Graveyard, take a right up the long staircase. Zora’s Domain From King Zora’s Throne Room, go to the right and dive off of the waterfall.