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When you reach the last turn in the course and can see the gate directly in front of you, burn all six of your carrots at once and run straight at the gate. Repeat the same strategy you used to beat him last time; hug the inside rail, and use a steady amount of carrots, or get in front of him and keep him from progressing. At the first passage in the maze, use the Z-Button to adjust the camera’s view so you can see the Moriblin around the corner. Once you’re at the top of the stairs, go through the doorway to enter Adult Link’s first dungeon. Before completing this chapter, also consider completing: Obtaining Epona (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Two) Biggoron Sword Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Three) Significant in that it contains the game’s first hard and complex puzzles, as well as the first truly deadly boss, and finally that it introduces Keys, the Forest Temple is a big step up from the previous three dungeons in the game.

Before completing this chapter, also consider completing: Happy Mask Trading Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-One) Obtaining Epona (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Two) Biggoron Sword Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Three) Big Poe Hunting (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Five) ——————- The Temple of Time It’s not quite time to return to adulthood yet. If you got the Biggoron Sword, then I strongly recommend that you stick with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield for the majority of the dungeon. The beauty of Link’s appearance here is that it gives you the flexibility to carry both a sword and shield and a bow and arrow as these are the main weapons of the character.

Moriblins are huge goblin-like creatures who patrol the passages in the Sacred Forest Meadow. The Mad Scrubs are gone, replaced by Moriblins. Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros Zeldas are blueish grey-eyed brunettes with white ribbon-wrapped front hair and a partial French braid. Smash into them. One of them contains the Gold Skulltula. In the center of the maze, there is a pit which contains a handy Fairy Fountain. Run forward into the rooms a short ways, and the four Poe Sisters will appear and steal the four flames from the torches in the center of the room. New Song: The Minuet of Forest Run forward to the entrance to the maze-like area which you navigated as Young Link. Run forward a short ways, and dispatch the pair of Gray Wolfos enemies who greet you. Dispatch the Big Skulltula, then go through the door on the other end of the hall.

Stay close behind him until he gets near a corner, then quickly hug the inside rail and burn two or three carrots to shoot in front of him. To defeat the Moriblins, wait for them to face away from you and shoot them in the back with the Hookshot. Defeat them the same way you defeated the Gray Wolfos you encountered as a child: wait for them to attack, then backflip out of range, and immediately execute a Jump Attack while their back is turned. Edge along to the edge of the tree branch, then jump to the tree branch adjacent to it. After Sheik departs, use the Hookshot on the large tree branch which hangs above the shattered stairset.