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The Forest Temple – West Courtyard Back on the ledge, turn to the right and go through the door. You’re now on an upper ledge in the West Courtyard. The Forest Temple – West Stairwell New Dungeon Item: Small Key You’ll know if this is the West Stairwell, since the stairs will be on the left side and the Poe Sister will be colored red. Destroy all three pictures in the stairwell, and the Poe Sister will appear at the bottom of the stairwell. Enter the door. ———————————– The Forest Temple – West Stairwell This room is a large series of stairs, with walls that are dotted with three portraits. Take it, then return to the West Stairwell.

Return to the Cucco Lady and show her the Pocket Cucco, and she’ll give you Cojiro, the Blue Cucco. Open the blue chest to get the Boss Key, which will let you open the door to the Boss’ chamber. The Forest Temple – Stone Block Room Jump down to the bottom level of the Stone Block Room, and kill the Blue Bubble. Wait for the boulders to pass by, then jump down and grab it.

The Forest Temple – Upper Stalfos Room New Item: Bow and Arrow Run into the room, watching out for the large pit in the center which drops back down to the Lower Stalfos Room. This elevator carries two more Stalfos. Once the hallway is properly screwed up again, go through the door and return to the West Stairwell, and back to the Upper Stalfos Room. Part X: The Claim Check Now that he can see again, the Biggoron will repair the sword. At the top, there is a monument which reads “One with the EYE OF TRUTH shall be guided to the Spirit Temple by an inviting ghost.” Standing on top of the structure and facing north, turn on the Lens of Truth to see a ghost.

Climb back to the top floor of the stairwell, and go back to the West Twisted Hallway. Climb your way all the way back up to the top of the room. Climb up the two flights of stairs, and at the top look to the northwest, towards the Colossus statue’s left hand. Look to the right from the Deku Baba, where you will see a broken column which makes a makeshift platform. Allow one of them to see you, and you will be thrown into a prison. The Forest Temple – Stone Block Room Turn around as you come into the room, and look above the door to see a silver eye.