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Ugly Christmas Sweater And Gift If you want to skip all of this, then proceed to Hyrule Castle and follow the instructions that the game gives you. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Three Keep near Zelda in this room, and when she reaches the middle of the room she’ll be trapped behind a pillar of flame. It’s now time to head for Ganon’s Tower (in the same place that Hyrule Castle Garden was as Young Link) for the final dungeon and the final showdown. Now that you have all five Silver Rupees, the door on the west side of the room will open. Go to the west side of the tree trunk. Head out to the drawbridge west of the log bridge and dive into the river.

Go west, and go halfway up the log bridge. Make it nighttime with the Sun’s Song if you need to, then turn to the right. Turn left at the giant tree. Run to the left to a small alcove behind the waterfall, where there are two more braziers. You can get it from a cave in the Desert Colossus just before entering the Spirit Temple, which is good timing since the Iron Knuckles inside the Spirit Temple are vicious competitors. Past that, she’ll ask you more questions, but it doesn’t matter what your answers are. The beam damage is nice, but it’s not game-changing, and other armor that boosts attack or offers utility in combat tend to be much more useful. As such, even more thought was put into her outfits than ever before. After you’ve attacked Twinrova, you want to put the Biggoron Sword away again. Hylian Shield. The Master Sword.

It also comes with the brown boots, a short blonde wig, and a weapon and shield necklace for added accessory to this cosplay outfit. So The First thing before your Link Cosplay – Chose the Zelda Game! Sun’s Song First Found: Kakariko Graveyard – Royal Family’s Tomb Sequence: C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up Learned in the Royal Family’s Tomb in Kakariko Graveyard, the Sun’s Song alternates the time of day between 12:00 (noon) and 0:00 (midnight). B-O-S-S———— Bio-Electric Anemone BARINADE New Upgrade: Heart Container x1 New Quest Item: Zora Sapphire Barinade is by no means a difficult boss, but he is the first boss in the game who has a real chance at killing you.

Ruto will give you the Zora Sapphire, but only if you agree to marry her. Ruto waits for you here, along with the Zora Sapphire. The ring will teleport you and Ruto outside. After Volvagia dies, then take the Heart Container that appears and enter the ring of light to meet the Sage of Fire, Darunia. Take the Heart Container that they leave behind, which is on one of the outer platforms in the chamber. Speak with the scientist, and he will be so impressed, he’ll give you a Piece of Heart. We’ll be returning to just about every area we’ve visited so far, to claim (among other things) new Pieces of Heart and a large number of Gold Skulltula Tokens.